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Michael Wirges
KDE Plasma Screenshots

KDE Plasma Screenshots 16 comments

by Mike
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Oct 26 2002
yes maybe ... :-) i have 90% ready in blue ... it comes in green later :-)
- Oct 26 2002
right its a fake ;-) - but i have make a background immage for it it includes the word "menu" and a litle bit space ad then the other ixons ;-) - Oct 25 2002
Thank you for this tip. but i dont know where i found suse linux 8.0 /8.1 iso-images or how i make a update from suse linux 7.3 (i have the pro version) this time i have mandrake 9.0 - Oct 25 2002
i will do my best .. :-)

-> the language of linux is english
my english is verry bad .. i`m
german .. and all faq i found ..
english - Oct 24 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots 9 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 24 2002
i try to make a theme 4 KDE

(sorry, but my english is very bad i`m from german and all information i found are in english :-( )

I think we work with Linux-KDE the most Themes that ive seen are Windows or Mac like. If i want to habve one os from MS or Apple than i buy this ..

- Oct 24 2002
but ... i think this is an KDE-Themepage ... not 4 Mac.

make it 4 KDE than its great ;-)

i try a version 4 KDE 3.0.3 but its not so easy and i have many problems with him (its an other look of os ... next time i load the spash-screen on this server ...)

Mike - Oct 24 2002