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Mihai Paslariu Bucharest, Romania

First of all, thank you for the feedback.

> Do you plan to continue improving it?

I haven't worked to much on this application for the last months: just some bug fixes and porting to the new version of Qt. For now, I don't plan to add any new major feature.

> "Open Image" and "Settings" windows are not touchable. They work perfect
> with mouse but do not respond to touches.
> Are you able to fix it?

I think that by not touchable you mean that these two windows are not touch friendly.

Anyway, the fact that "Open Image" doesn't work well with touch can be easily overcome. Just switch to folder view and browse to the file you want instead of browsing with the open file dialog. You can even launch the application directly in folder view by configuring a custom startup folder in the "Settings" window.

For the "Settings" window, there was no alternative but I implemented a new settings screen that should be touch-friendly. Please checkout the new version 1.0.10 wich contains the new settings screen. The old settings dialog remains available only through the menu if the application is not fullscreen.

I hope the new changes work fine...

Mihai - Jul 24 2013

I tested the application today on Linux Mint 14 KDE (live cd) trying to reproduce your problem but I couldn't get a segmentation fault. Multi-touch mostly worked, but in some cases I get the "Got touch without getting TouchBegin for id" error.

"Cannot load config file" is not an error. The first time you run the application there is no configuration file so the application just loads the default settings.

Perhaps you can help me reproduce and find the problem. Here are the first ideas I can think of:
- Is there something special about the images you are trying to open? Does the application work well with other images? Does it work well with the same images but on other systems? Can you send me an image that crashes the application?
- Are you using the 32bit or 64bit version of mint? It shouldn't matter, but I want to test using the same configuration.
- Are you compiling the application on the same machine you are using it? How are you compiling it?
- You can send me a core dump so I can analyze the stack to find exactly where the segmentation fault occurs. Add the line "CONFIG += debug" in dev/, then run qmake again and recompile the application (qmake; make clean; make). In bash, execute "ulimit -c unlimited" before running the application. When the application crashes is should create a file named "core" or "core.<pid>". Please send me this file or, if you know to use gdb, you can examine it yourself.

Thank you!

Mihai - Dec 10 2012

Thank you for the feedback. I was on vacation and I couldn't answer earlier.

1) You said you have tested on Kubuntu 11.10. As far as I know, the X server in that version of Kubuntu doesn't support multitouch. That's unless you have updated the X server to a newer version.
Kubuntu 12.04 however has xorg-server 1.11 with multitouch, but its version of Qt doesn't have multitouch. There is a patch to enable multitouch on Qt on the last Ubuntu, but I haven't tried it. See this article for more info:

If you want to try it without multitouch, use the "--no-multitouch" flag, but it's not as fun.

2) From what I found on the internet, there is a bug with Qt on ubuntu ( I don't use opengl in the application myself, but I use QPainter, which in turn might use opengl do draw things. I don't think there is anything I can do in the application about it.

3) The zoom 1:1 is trigger when Qt sends mouse double-click event to the application. There are always two "mouse press/release" events or "touch begin/end" events before getting a "mouse double-click event". It's normal to have the top menu displayed for a few milliseconds because I haven't (yet) implemented anything to ignore the first taps if a doble-click is coming.

Of course, if the time between the two taps is large enough, there will not be a "mouse doble-click" event. The maximum duration between the clicks in usually configured for the entire system. For example, in Kubuntu, see "System Settings" > "Input devices" > "Mouse" > "Advanced" tab.

4) I haven't implemented this. Again, If I'll have time, I may implement this feature in the next release and an option to configure the desired behavior.

Mihai - Aug 22 2012

Thanks for the feedback!

I fixed the problem where the application didn't start with a custom directory. It should work now.

I had already implemented the functionality to use the application with the mouse but it was disabled in previous versions on devices that support multitouch. The reason was that, when the user touched the screen, the application received both a touch event and a mouse event but I never tried to solve this. I just disabled the mouse if touch was present because I wasn't using it anyway. Today, I modified the application to handle both touch and mouse. I haven't tested it much, but I hope it works fine.

These new fixes are in the latest version, 1.0.7.
- May 23 2012
Thank you for your comment.

I modified the application and updated the download links. Now it tries to guess, on its first run, what the image folder is. On later runs, it will remember the last opened folder.

As about emulating multi-touch on single-touch devices, I like the idea. I'll try to include this feature when I'll have more time to work on this application.
- Jan 29 2011