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Apr 30 2003
actually i havent thought about koffee desktop environment.
but its a good idea...

you never know how much coffee was necessary to code kde... :-) - Apr 30 2003
kde-beauty nr. 1

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Mar 19 2003
i didnt want to cause any troubles...
by adding _adult_ pictures here... :-)
ill add some more kde-art-work now.
tell me what you liked more.

thx :-)

ps: thx for the support of you all! - Mar 26 2003
yeah ok your point is good.
first of all i didnt knew that there where so many girls pics around. that was my first pic for kde-look. i just like the look of the pic. seeing girls in underwear isnt such a shame i think. or what is eveyone doing in summer? hideing at home? its nothing just a fancy picture - nothing less and nothing more. if anyone who sees a good looking women thinks about having sex or what else. thats really not my problem and i dont want to stimulate that feeling with that picture. really not.

i personaly think that that picture is not offensive.
but if its a request to remove it - ill remove it.
i didnt want to cause any moral discussions about a simple picture... - Mar 19 2003
i just made the pic, cause i liked the photo.
i thought it looks good as wallpaper.
btw. i am also the kind of man who turns around if he sees a good looking women walking on the street... anyway. if it bothers you, you dont have to watch neither to download...

thx :-) - Mar 19 2003
of course.
i am working on it... ill upload it later.. - Mar 19 2003
actually i work in a printing office...
... i got it from there.
thats why i called the pic nr. 1 :-)
i think ill upload some more high-res ladies...

- Mar 19 2003
please anyone tell me if there are typos in the text.
my english is really bad somehow... :-)

thx - Mar 19 2003