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Michael Szabo

GTK2 Themes by moomex 182 comments


First, I love this theme. It looks awesome. It makes everything look like black glass and is really good on the eyes.

Second, I have noticed an issue with the maximise/unmaximise button in that the divider line is not consistent between the hover and non-hover versions. This causes a few discrepancies. When hovering over the button, it expands the button to include part of the close window button. When hovering over the close button, it changes to red and the divide line between the buttons is still visible.

When I extracted the theme I noticed the divider lines towards the end of the pictures max-blurred-normal.png, max-focused-normal.png, restore-blurred-normal.png and restore-focused-normal.png. To resolve the issue they need to be moved to the end of the pictures. I'm not very skilled in the art of graphic editing otherwise I would edit them myself but thought I would let you know so you can change the theme as the theme owner. That way it would look as good as the rest of the wonderful theme, not looking like a crappy fix that it would be if I did it! - Jan 14 2009