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Education Apps by michaa 3 comments

Should be fixed now.. :-) - Jun 22 2004

Education Apps by michaa 3 comments

Ok, thanks for your feedback..

>You can remove the Autom4te folder before >making your tarball, it'll slim it a bit.
Thanks, I'll do that.
>Your are all very outdated
I'm not sure about the Makefiles.. at least they worked for you ?
So IF they work for most users, I believe that I shoudn't touch them. Beside the fact that this would mean a lot of work, I remember something like "never touch a running system"..
However, please tell me, if they don't work for you.

> I ran KSalomon and could not find out
>how to make a voc file. When you click >New, it open a file dialog, exactly like
>when you click Open. New should allow >you to make a new card or file.
That's the dialog where you are asked for the name of the new file ( You can read this at the dialog's top, too, so it's not exactly the same ). The background of asking for the filename before creating the file are the sound files. KSalomon needs to know where it should store soundfiles, if you record some.
Hmm, have thought about this a little bit.
Yes, this is not standard, and I didn't see this problem, since I know exactly what every dialog does. So I'm gonna change it, next version.

> The Open Example did not open any >example but gave me a message that I did >not understand.
That's nearly the same point like above. KSalomon asks you for a filename under which it can store the Examples. Will change that.

> KSalomon crashed when I tried to open
Should clearly not happen.
Could you tell me more ? -Did you have write permissions to the, or have you copied the file into an other directory ?
Because you write that you didn't use the Open Example menu item I don't know what exactly happened. At least I didn't experience such a crash, so I can't traceback this now.

> I managed eventually to open a file and the >yellow background is really too tiring.

:-) Well, that's dependent on you Kde-Settings..
But beside changing these settings you are able to choose a image for the background ( click settings->configure KSalomon and then at the first page onto the background picture )

> I wanted to see if KSalomon could compete >with kdeedu apps but a lot would need to be >done to achieve KVocTrain or KWordQuiz >capabilities.

Well, it's beta now.
And some things in the user interface may still be a little bit confusing..
So I need more feedback like this, because it seems to me that I'm have problems to recognize such things like the points above..
Will change them..

On the other side, I believe that there are many features implemented which are neither in KVocTrain nor in KWordQuiz now.
E.g. support for sound, examples, or the flexibility of testing.
Because I missed these things, but needed them for learning, I decided to start KSalomon.
At least I'm able to learn well with KSalomon ( maybe because I designed it..), but I've tried to make it very flexible, so I hope that it will be useful to other people, too.
However, I'm hacking heavily, because I still want to improve KSalomon.
Since I'm a little bit lazy I'm always looking for efficient methods of learning, which I can then implement in KSalomon..
But I'm also very appreciated if KSalomon is useful to others. - Apr 21 2004