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Micah Micah Dowty
Winamp 5 Skin For XMMS

XMMS Skins by schopfer 20 comments

Very cool skin, but is it really GPL licensed? - Aug 30 2004
Blue Swirl

Wallpaper Other by IceBloken 2 comments

Fyre is just the new name for de Jong Explorer- the current code is in a Subversion repository at

I haven't made any releases since the name change, since there haven't really been any new features or bugfixes, just a little internal reorganization. Our plan is to make a Fyre release after it's easy to use chaotic maps other than the de Jong with it. - Jun 16 2004

Wallpaper Other by micahjd 2 comments

There hasn't actually been a release since the name changed from de Jong Explorer to Fyre.

You can get Fyre from the Subversion repository at

de Jong Explorer has a release on Freshmeat: - Jun 16 2004
Energy Ribbon

Wallpaper Other by micahjd 4 comments

Athlon XP users are lucky, as it has wicked fast trig performance. Fyre I think spends around 80% of its time in sin() and cos(). - Apr 11 2004
Energy Ribbon

Wallpaper Other by micahjd 4 comments

Hmm, good idea. I have a dual-monitor system, currently with "Neon Filament" on my larger monitor and this one on the smaller. Maybe I should switch the two.

Rendering a high quality 1600x1200 with oversampling as I type:

20.74% 1.706e+09 2.18e+06/sec 4148 / 20000 00:13:04 / 00:49:56
20.77% 1.707e+09 2.18e+06/sec 4153 / 20000 00:13:04 / 00:49:53
20.77% 1.708e+09 2.18e+06/sec 4155 / 20000 00:13:05 / 00:49:53
20.79% 1.709e+09 2.18e+06/sec 4157 / 20000 00:13:05 / 00:49:53
20.80% 1.710e+09 2.17e+06/sec 4161 / 20000 00:13:07 / 00:49:56

Should be up in around 50 minutes? :) - Apr 10 2004
Tangled Embrace

Wallpaper Other by micahjd 3 comments

Fyre is its new name, but it hasn't had any releases under that name yet. You can find it as "de Jong Explorer" on Freshmeat:

It's a neat little proggie my roommate and I cooked up. The images you see are actually 2D histograms of a chaotic function through millions or billions of iterations, with a little image processing afterward for colorization and blurring. - Apr 10 2004