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mario gutierrez

GTK2 Themes 16 comments

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Nov 04 2010
well that's it for me for a while. i had to fix illigant. it was bothering me.

hf customizing all! - Nov 02 2010
a true gentleman! - Nov 02 2010
I figured out one guy. He's been down voting all themes except a couple. Perhaps boosting his friend's ratings. I can't figure out another guy's pattern with a lot of down votes.

I think you are right. There are people on here not being critical at all. They are just being asses. - Nov 01 2010
No hard feelings on my end. I enjoyed it while it lasted. And I'm embarrassed and apologized for the childish remarks I made.

Did you mean to use the Fn Gloss panel background in the last screen?

I never quite finished Illigance. Ubuntu's orange is a difficult color to use for glass/plastic. The tab was a quick idea. It should probably be symmetrical to make it less busy on the left.

I'm still a Linux user, server mostly. Who knows after I calm down I might send something your way. - Nov 01 2010
Molokai - Gedit Theme / GTKsource Style

Gedit Color Schemes 4 comments

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Oct 29 2010
Looks a lot like the monokai theme that comes with gedit-mate. Not sure if you knew that module has ported most textmate themes. - Oct 29 2010
The Ultimate Bashrc File

Various Gnome Stuff 100 comments

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Aug 27 2018
Anything that makes the shell better gets an automatic up vote! For Zsh users, look here: - Oct 25 2010

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

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Dec 04 2010
I never heard of gtkperf so I tried it on my own theme. I don't seem to see much difference between Dusk, Function & Lambda (my themes) and Ambiance. Perhaps my hardware is the factor? - Oct 24 2010
A New Start

GTK3 Themes 90 comments

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Dec 09 2011
Not enough contrast for me, but that's what makes it soft and beautiful. Props to the workmanship and originality. Excellent job from a fellow themer. Love the panel! - Oct 23 2010

GTK2 Themes 1 comment

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Oct 20 2010
nice looking. grays and blues always good. - Oct 21 2010
Triangle to Star

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Oct 11 2010
do you have a higher res? looks a little grainy when i scaled it up to 1920x1200 - Oct 11 2010

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
Unlike some die hard linux users, I think there is a lot to learn from other UI. Having a slim panel like this makes a lot more sense than say Gnome-Shell which takes up a lot of screen space.

I use AWN currently in place of Gnome panels and if this improves tasking/grouping/preview I'm all over it. - Oct 03 2010
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes 370 comments

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Sep 22 2010
EXCELLENT as usual.

If I change gradient_shade for togglebuttons, comboboxes are affected. My theme is here.

I was able to isolate the togglebuttons for RhythmBox. Tying to get same look for other togglebuttons without affecting comboboxes. Any help appreciated. - Oct 02 2010

GTK2 Themes
by lucpel

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9   Nov 02 2010

GTK3 Themes
by emilywind

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9   Nov 01 2010
The Ultimate Bashrc File

Various Gnome Stuff
by inameiname

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9   Oct 25 2010
A New Start

GTK3 Themes
by alecive

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9   Oct 23 2010
Score 76.2%
3   Oct 21 2010
Score 74.5%
3   Oct 17 2010