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Melchior FRANZ

Music Production 13 comments

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Feb 15 2006
I take it all back and apologize. As you may have guessed already: it was all my fault. Reading the Rosegarden FAQ (-> alsa.m4) and searching the web (-> PKG_... function) helped. Finally, I found out, that for some weird reason I hadn't set QTDIR and KDEDIR any more. Duh! Everything runs through smoothly now. Thanks to the Rosegarden developers. Very well done! - Dec 19 2004
... and I haven't seen 1.0pre1 compile. Problems with aclocal, configure, linking problems etc. :-( - Dec 18 2004
for this excellent program! (I haven't seen 0.9.9 crash.) - Aug 05 2004
roKy the amaroK wolf

Various Artwork 10 comments

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Dec 11 2004
This is definitely my personal winner. Don't even need to see the others, although some of them were very good as well. :-) - Dec 12 2004

Office Apps 61 comments

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Jun 27 2014
That's probably a freetype2 bug. It may be triggered by broken fonts, but that's no excuse for segfaults. I've got a solution: download the latest freetype2 from cvs and apply this esoteric patch:

RCS file: /cvs/freetype/freetype2/include/freetype/internal/ftserv.h,v
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -u -p -U1 -r1.13 ftserv.h
--- ftserv.h 2003/12/17 14:28:22 1.13
+++ ftserv.h 2004/05/05 17:18:46
@@ -220,2 +220,3 @@ FT_BEGIN_HEADER
*pptr = svc; \
+ printf("");\

The whole freetype2 is a huge macro mess, which kept me from trying to find a clean fix. - May 05 2004

System Software 29 comments

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Nov 28 2006
> You can achieve that with web shortcuts. Unfortunately, I had no
> time to find where they are saved and if it is possible to add new
> shortcuts automatically

{$KDEDIR,$KDEHOME}/share/services/searchproviders/ - Dec 10 2003

Application Styles
by skulptor

Score 77.8%
Jun 02 2009