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GTK2 Themes 57 comments

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May 30 2010
I forgot : in gnome-color-chooser go to the last tab (engine), and choose another engine for the panel ("Mist" for example"). You will see the gnome panel as it was before. - Mar 05 2011
For the gnome panel I solved this issue by creating a transparent background with gimp. A 1*24 pixels png image with an alpha channel for example. - Mar 05 2011
Onyx Kde 4.4 screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots 5 comments

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May 16 2010
I have noticed the pictureflow icon in dolphin (a feature of the mac finder), how can we get it ?
I am trying to find it, but in vain.

btw, nice desktop :-) - Sep 04 2010

QtCurve 546 comments

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Jan 08 2013
I just installed it, nice job !
But could you please mention somewhere what we need to compile it. It could save a lot of time for newbie like me.
I installed (maybe too much) :
- gcc
- subversion
- build-essential
- cmake
- kdevelop
- kdelibs5-dev
- kdebase-workspace-dev
- libxrender-dev
- libx11-dev - Aug 30 2010

Gnome 2 Color Schemes 9 comments

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Apr 28 2010
You can try with "dust" - May 17 2010
The first theme was "ambiance", on lucid (10.04). I am gonna try to find something simpler to get these colors. - May 17 2010
Yes that's it, I didn't know how to share all this configuration and it's the best way I found. Copy the text you get with "sorrow.gnomecc".
Install gnome-color-chooser, then
system -> preference -> gnome color chooser
file -> open -> sorrow.gnomecc
For the menu transparency, you will need compiz. In the category "accessibility" of compizconfig manager, go to opacity, "window specific settings" (or something like that, I don't have an english version) and add this :
type = dock | dropdownmenu | popupmenu | tooltip
I chose the value 75. - Apr 28 2010

Plasma 4 Widgets 574 comments

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Jul 14 2012
Nice work thank you very much :-) . I have red the different messages, and no one spoke about a problem with the trashbin plugin. I can open the trashbin, "empty trashbin" do nothing, and "restore" makes me an error. "Impossible to find the trashbin program".
It's not dramatic if I can't fix it, I can manage with another way, but it could be nice ... - Dec 01 2009

Plasma Themes 4 comments

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Oct 26 2009

You can find other pictures using the keywords dream + tree (on deviant art for example). - Oct 28 2009
Score 81.0%
Sep 01 2010

Plasma 4 Widgets
by Lechio

Score 81.9%
Dec 01 2009
hacker logo on goban

Wallpaper Other
by Simzer

Score 72.2%
9   Dec 26 2011