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Moe Meza

Full Icon Themes 46 comments

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Jun 17 2007
apologies.. I've just seen the post above.. so it's not compatible with kde 4.. I'll wait :) - Dec 28 2008
forgot to say .. I have opensuse 11.1 on kde 4.1.. not compatible maybe? - Dec 28 2008
Thanks for this wonderful set of icons..
however when I import them into kmenu some get installed and set while many others don't. By going one by one I can actually change them and I see them available. Is it to be done one by one?
For instance what is strange is that the folders icons are still unchanged! Normally they are the first to be updated. - Dec 28 2008

KDE 3 Color Schemes 11 comments

by Morg
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Apr 09 2005
folder names are different in suse 10 there's not kdisplay folder..
any hint?
Thanks! - Dec 27 2005