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Star Wars Republic

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by netomussauer 3 comments

I like the movie, I like your splash, and I loved GPL. But consider not to use GPL. I once used pics taken from starwars site. It'll be fine if u asked permission to use it under GPL from LucasFilm. Some nice people warn me not to use GPL when I distribute LordVader&Yoda gdm themes. As Yoda said, "ask Lucas permission, you must". - Jun 27 2005
Star Wars Empire

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by netomussauer 2 comments

Consider not to use GPL. I once used that kinda pics in my gdm themes -LordVader&Yoda - taken from starwars site, and it's not ethic to distribute 'em under GPL while u're not asking LucasFilm permission. The pics belong to LucasFilm. Anyway, your splash is nice :) - Jun 27 2005
Meteor Rain

GDM Themes by metvacetz 4 comments

what do u mean install the full theme?
this is a gdm them, means u just have to install gdm (gnome desktop manager), then extract this to where gdm themes located(eg. /usr/share/gdm/themes in debian). then configure gdm, choose this theme, that's all. - Oct 31 2004

GDM Themes by metvacetz 2 comments

thx :) - Oct 31 2004
Blue ambience

GDM Themes
by maitraya

9   Jun 28 2012