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alex laine

Compiz Themes by arsen 17 comments

Nice theme i'm using it with the last beryl and a buff icon set !!
I was searching for a nice nature green theme not too dark, i think i found it :D

To use it with emerald just rename it to *.emerald - Sep 28 2006
buuf icon theme

Full Icon Themes by fana-m 41 comments

I repacked it in tag.gz instead of tar.bz2 to install it and Everything seems to be find, i just notice two icon missing one for deb package and one other for synaptic.

One last thing, why there is juste 36x36 and 128x128 folder ? In other icon theme there is 16x24x32x36x48x64 etc..... - Aug 22 2006
Relaxing inspirat splash screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by wuf 8 comments

With this transprent png my borders are cropped... Is there any way taht we can have that nice border on login - Jul 08 2006