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Stephan Gans

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Jul 09 2005
You can't really compare the two.
As the name already implies, KDiskCopy lets you copy floppy disks.
With KFloppy you can format them. - Jul 10 2005

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Dec 29 2005
If you open an bootable image and save it again all bootinformation will be lost at the moment. This is planed to be fixed in the 0.9 release. - Jul 03 2005
If there is no deb, is there a reason why you can't compile libcdio 0.73 from sources ? - May 13 2005
If you only want to mount an ISO image just right click on it and than try Actions/KIso/Mount as virtual drive. - May 06 2005
Seems to be an incompatibility between your version of libiconv and libcdio 0.73.
As far as I can see the newest version of libiconv is 1.9.2.
Maybe an update solves the problem.
If not this rather seems to be a bug in libcdio or libiconv than in KIso. - May 01 2005
The reason for this error is a change in the libcdio 0.73.
Yes, there will be a new version.
I hope I will be able to release KIso 0.8 within the next few days. - Apr 28 2005
If you can't compile KIso yourself try the SuSE 9.2 rpm on - Dec 17 2004
If you can't compile KIso yourself try the SuSE 9.2 rpm on - Dec 17 2004
For KIso 0.7 please make sure that your version of libcdio is at least the libcdio 0.70 please do not use libcdio 0.71 because it's not compatible with C++. - Nov 27 2004
You need to have libcdio-devel installed on your system. - Jun 01 2004
All required packages YES even libcdio is listed under Required packages: in the download section.

The libcdio is listed as (KIso needs libcdio to run now !) in the ChangeLog (Version 0.4)

On Sourceforge net it is sayed that KIso needs libcdio to compile and to run as note in every version from 0.4 onward.

What else shall I do ?

For me it seems nor so common that somebody can't read !!!! - May 23 2004
Part of the changelog:
- Some internal changes. (KIso needs libcdio to run now !)

which means libcdio has to be installed to compile and to run KIso 0.4. - Apr 14 2004
I know there is no text underneath the buttons but every button has a tooltip so that you can see what it does when you move the mouse over it. - Mar 12 2004
I'm not sure about the KDE toolbar because
this would mean rather small buttons.
Because there a only few buttons in KIso I
suppose it might look a little strange.
Will think about it.
- Jan 17 2004
It would help alot if I knew which distribution you use.
Otherwise it's too hard for me to figure out where the problem might be.

Best regards - Jan 17 2004
amaroK: Wolf Howl

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Dec 14 2004
I like this one very much but IMHO
the icon should make clearer, that Amarok
is a sound application in any way.
Like the wolf in gray maybe you can find
a way to place a kind of membran or note
into the icon so it becomes clearer what
amarok does. - Dec 10 2004

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Nov 27 2004
It's not that I insist on it but I already hear the hardcore KDEists cry: "Why don't you rename your appilcation to ReloKate ?"
Sorry ;)
But this would fit the nameing conventions of KDE a bit better.
By the way very nice work ! - Nov 27 2004

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Aug 20 2015
It would be even nicer, if it had the ability to show errors in transmission (RX/TX). - Oct 15 2004