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Didier Caamano
iRobot lilo splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tony042 4 comments

It looks nice, one question though, would it be possible for you to gave us the measurements for the OS chooser part, that will be nice, apreciated. - Dec 14 2004

Wallpapers BSD by memolomuchoyo 4 comments

Well I really don't remember where I got beastie from, that's why I GPLed the artwork; if the one who draw the demon say something about it, of course I will act as he/she request, I have no problem in doing so whatsoever.

I thank you though to bring that up, any other comment or suggestions are well apreciated. Like many people say, comments are important, like yours is, and beyond that I just hope you enjoy the wallpaper as I enjoyed doing it.

Have everyone a good day. - Dec 03 2004
The deamon inside you

Wallpaper Other by memolomuchoyo 3 comments

Do you mean by getting rid of the deamon and the fonts, and just leave the code-background? I can do that, no problem, it will be done as soon as I can, have a nice day - Nov 09 2004

Wallpaper Other by memolomuchoyo 4 comments

What do you mean, are you suggesting work more on the wallpaper or create another? if it is the first, just tell me what would you like improve? I'm not very good at gimp nor photoshop, I just do what I can, but any suggestion is well received and I'll do my best in order to improve.
As fot the second, I'm planning to add more beastie wallpapers, I like Beatie :D.

Have a nice day. - Aug 01 2004