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Jan L Oslo, Norway
Google Docs Screenlet

Conky 2 comments

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Jan 07 2009
Great! This will turn out to be quite useful!

As a future feature, you might concider adding a "drag-and-upload"-function? Thanks! - Jan 20 2009
Screenlets 0.1.1

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by Whise
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May 11 2008
my bad, never mind about the bug-thing.

Great work :D - May 07 2008
Great! Really appreciate the brightness-screenlet! :D

However, there's a bug in the netmonitor-screenlet. My puter enables/disables wireless interface by pushing a button. When wlan0 doesn't exist (ex at startup), the netmonitor screenlet blows out lots of error messages till I shut it down. Would be nice to have a "Does NIC ethX exist? No? Then don't do anything"-feature. - May 07 2008

Icon Sub-Sets 156 comments

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Dec 08 2009
Great icons!

Though some of them have a transparency issue:
When using certain icons (ex. amsn) in cairo-dock, the transparent field turns white.

It seems to be a layer problem where ex. amsn.png is on an index/background layer while gimp.png is on an layer0 layer and thus transparent.

More info:

I love these icons! :D - Apr 27 2008