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Mehmet Belgin

System Software by invernomuto 100 comments

Great and handy tool, thanks a lot! I wonder if it is possible to keep a list of installed programs just to be able to uninstall them easier later?

MeMo - Oct 20 2005

Various KDE Stuff by jriddell 25 comments

Well, you can use RPMs via 'alien' (look for it in the package manager -Adept Manager or Kynaptic-). But be careful while doing that and don't blame me for any problems :) Good luck. - Oct 13 2005

Various KDE Stuff by jriddell 25 comments

Abonded Mandrake without a question when I saw Kubuntu. Forces you to spend a lot of romantic time with the package manager, because most of the base libs/programs (even make and gcc!!) are not provided by the base install (Well, for a package based distribution, I can understand that). But the result worths all the effort. BTW, My 3D card (ATI IGP 340M) works just great!!! I once trashed the kernel trying to compile the driver and never dared to try again, now it works itself. Greaaaat. I guess Kubuntu will surpass Ubuntu one day, KDE is irresistible.

Cheers to Kubuntu Team! - Oct 13 2005
Wireless Assistant

Network by pnawrocki 287 comments

Works Great. I hate when the initialization scripts looks for a wireless network and spends minutes when there is none! So, just compile this magnificant program, cancel the "start at boot" option of the wireless connection, and enjoy the fast boot up and have the freedom to select your favorite wireless connection. Don't forget the "sudo" stuff though!!

Thank god we have it at last, I was starting to get worried ;) Thanks buddy. - Aug 31 2005

Text Editors by cullmann 43 comments

Finally, a replacement for nedit. I don't care about its eye candy (but it's really nice), but the functionality of Kate is just great! The terminal window and the file browser helps a lot, saves a lot of time. Switching between the opened files is very easy by using Alt+(left/right) Arrows. Last but not least... its integration with KDE is also great (as expected) You can use all the extended features of 'kdeprint' to have great print-outs! Highly Recommended to all of the programmers!! - May 23 2005