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luis Rascon DF, Mexico
linux is sexy plymouth-splash

Plymouth Themes by n3cr0-0 5 comments

Hi, I guess I screwed it up. I didn't noticed this was a plymouth theme for GTk2 while my system is debian wheezy which already has the gnome-shell installed till it was too late. I ran the script. Now my system doesn't turn on. My computer is a acer aspire 5336 4 gb ram.

Packages & versions
(This are the properties from the web page

apt: 0.9.7
kernel: Linux 3.2
gcc: 4.7.1
Gnome 3.4
libc: eglibc 2.13
X Server: Xorg R7.7

please if someone can help me my e-mail is Ps: Im not really good solving this sort of issues on linux, im kind of a newby. - Nov 10 2012
Replace Xsplash with GDM !

GDM Themes by johnnyg 4 comments

Today morning I tried to get gdm working on my laptop with ubuntu karmic, I really miss it (xsplash is quite restrictive).

I followed the instructions in the document and I pasted all (from "select all" til the last dot "."). But when i restarted the system it was not working.

Then I used a diferent display e.g. "ctrl+alt+F2" and wrote this:
username (u'r username)
password (u'r password)
change to "ctrl+alt+F7" to watch what's hapening on display 2
return to "ctrl+alt+F2" to type

sudo apt-get install gdm

and then when it is instaled you can choose between gdm-2.0 and gdm.

Then reboot.
I got everything working as it was in the begining ("unfortunately with xsplash again")
if anybody knows and can tell me what happened with my computer and the script i will be grateful with him.

I hope this was understandable and I've helped somebody who teared off his pc. - Apr 30 2010