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Piotrek A , Poland
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

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Jan 16 2013
Thanks for the reply! I use the color scheme downloaded together with zukiblues. And it seems it's not just a color problem, the buttons are wrong, and window border is wrong too. Could it be because I'm using QtCurve from the PPA where it was compiled for KDE 4.5, while my KDE version is 4.6? - Mar 23 2011
Hi! I have a weird problem. I don't know if it's a problem with a specific QtCurve theme, my computer, or some bug in QtCurve.

I downloaded this theme:

I imported it in QtCurve settings, and here's what it looks like:

As you can see, the window decoration is very wrong. I've noticed that some other QtCurve themes like CurveDomina also have window decoration problems :( What should I do to fix it? - Mar 22 2011
Hi! QtCurve is great :) But I have one question. I looked around Qt configuration and I couldn't find anything, is it possible to change the way that panels/dockers (they appear frequently in KDE apps, like in Dolphin or KOffice) are themed? If not, do you have any plans to include configuration options for them? The default way QtCurve themes them is rather plain, and without any borders or anything, so that it's kind of hard to visually separate them from each other. In KOffice when usually many dockers are open, they tend to blend together so that it's hard to tell where one of them ends and another one begins. I think that Mandriva guys did it perfectly, as you can see on the screenshot:

Each docker on the left there has a title bar that stands out and looks like the window's title bar :) It would be awesome if QtCurve had an option to do something similar. Or maybe it already has one but I missed it? - Nov 06 2009

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Mar 13 2011
Hi! It looks cool on the screenshot, but the window decoration doesn't work for me :( when I pick the QtCurve decoration it looks much worse than on your screenshot :( Mine looks like this: - Mar 21 2011
Oxygen Gtk

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Oct 23 2014
It's weird, I think it may be something with my computer, since it's lagging MUCH less when I disable desktop effects in KDE (it's still lagging a little, though). I have a Radeon Mobility HD 5650 video card with the official ATI drivers. And it's lagging with any file, even when I create a blank one... - Jan 24 2011
In Inkscape, when using Oxygen Gtk 1.0.1, drawing Bezier curves is so extremely laggy that it's almost impossible to do. It doesn't happen with QtCurve or Raleigh. I've tried running Inkscape from the console, but it doesn't display any errors.

Another problem in Inkscape is that when using Oxygen Gtk and QtCurve (but not Raleigh), after going to Document Properties, the whole Inkscape crashes without even showing the properties window, and the error in the console is "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Gtk::IconThemeError'" I'm not sure if it's a problem with Oxygen Gtk, though... since it also happens with QtCurve.

I'm using KDE 4.6 RC 2. - Jan 24 2011
If someone makes an ubuntu .deb file for this, I will love them forever <3 - Dec 13 2010
Church exit

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by mtax
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Mar 22 2010
Well, so you just admitted that you're a fanatic. :P Maybe one day we'll be a rich fanatic, but having a lot of money doesn't make you a better person. - Mar 23 2010
I didn't mean it as a good thing... it was just an observation that atheistic homophobes were even worse than Christian homophobes. But I didn't mean that these hypocritical Christian homophobes were good, only that they cause less harm.

As you can see, Christians can be tolerant too. It's nothing amazing, it's just a part of human nature that people are different. Just like there are close-minded Christians and atheists, there are tolerant and open-minded Christians and atheists. The only difference between Christians and atheists is that the former think that God exists, while the latter think that God doesn't exist. Since it can't be proven either way, it's a matter of personal opinion, and there are many Christians and atheists who accept that other people may have a different opinion. :) - Mar 23 2010
You're welcome :P Let's see... you win at getting some people to view your website. You fail at being a decent person respectful towards others. Congratulations? - Mar 23 2010
Contradiction alert! :P

Let's see... according to wikipedia, there are more than 2 billion Christians in the world. There are all kinds of people among them. And you're saying that you don't respect every single one of them, even though you've never met and never even heard of most of these people. If that's not fanaticism, then I'm a glowing purple Smurf :D A rational person doesn't judge someone they know nothing about. - Mar 23 2010
Some Christians are hypocrites. Just like some atheists are hypocrites. It's rather stupid to believe that hypocrisy is something that's only reserved for religious people.

I know many theists and many atheists... and we all get along, because we aren't fanatical. :P Atheists don't go around saying "religion is evil and should be destroyed!" and theists don't go around saying "atheism is evil and should be destroyed!". It's called mutual respect, and it's a rather good thing. - Mar 23 2010
Religion has been around for a lot more than 2000 years. And it looks like you have a very black-and-white view of the world.. which is rather ironic, because such a view is common for religious fundamentalists :P You believe that all religion is evil and atheism is the only good. That's rather... fanatical. Religions are different. Even Christianity is very diverse. There are fanatical Christians who hurt others, are homophobic, want discrimination, etc. But there are also Christians who fight against all kinds of discrimination. That's because different people are different. :) It's a simple fact, and it goes against the simplistic "religion is evil" mentality. - Mar 23 2010
A lot of religious people do believe in themselves, so what you're saying makes no sense at all. I'm not really sure what's so difficult in the idea that different people are different. There are religious people who believe that those who are different are worse, but there are atheists who think so too. Actually, the worst homophobic people I've seen were atheists. Christians, even the more extreme ones, at least try to pretend that they "love the person and only hate their sin", while atheistic homophobes openly hate gay people.

I think the most important thing here is that overgeneralizations are bad. Every person is different, no matter what (if any) religion they follow. And religions are a natural thing, because people who have common beliefs stick together, so trying to get rid of religions totally would be a kind of oppressive totalitarianism. - Mar 22 2010
Well, for me "Fuck the church, fuck religions, fuck god." is an attack, but maybe people can understand that differently. :P

And religion isn't the reason why people fight, it's an excuse. If there was no religion, people would find plenty other reasons to kill each other, unfortunately. We shouldn'd fight against religion, but against fanaticism and intolerance. Religion is some people's excuse for intolerance, just like skin color is other people's excuse for intolerance. Fighting against religions is like fighting against the existence of different skin colors. It's natural that different people have different beliefs, and it's also natural that like minded people tend to stick together. That's how religions work. They are simply groups of people with some common beliefs. - Mar 22 2010
Actually, you're not free-minded. :P

I am free-minded. I accept everyone who doesn't hurt others. Some religious people, just like some non-religious people hurt others, and they should be stopped. As for everyone else, I believe they should live freely, with their own beliefs... especially since, when it comes to religion, no one can actually be sure who is right.

On the other hand, you advocate murdering people who have different beliefs than you ("burn the priests"). That reminds me of people who fly planes into buildings just because the people in these buildings don't agree with their beliefs. I wouldn't really call that free-minded. :P

I voted down the wallpaper, not because it disagrees with my beliefs, but because it's fanatical. In the same way, I'd vote down a wallpaper that says "God hates atheists" or "Kill unbelievers in the name of Allah!". But I wouldn'd vote down a nice, friendly Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Discordian, etc. wallpaper that doesn't attack anyone. - Mar 22 2010
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

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Aug 15 2013
Cool, thanks for explaining! :) This can be quite confusing. On my KDE there's a color scheme that's called "default" and it's different than oxygen and oxygen-cold... but that's probably the distro's default and not KDE default. But oxygen-cold is working perfectly with Firefox and I'm using it now :) - Mar 05 2010
Thanks, that helped! I switched to the oxygen-cold color theme, and everything's ok. :) But I wonder why this Firefox theme matches oxygen-cold instead of oxygen... ? - Mar 05 2010
Hi! This is an awesome theme :) I just have one tiny problem with it... I have Kubuntu with KDE 4.4, I'm using the Oxygen theme, window decoration and colors, but for some reason this Firefox theme doesn't seem to blend correctly with the window title bar. It looks like this:

I'm using the latest 1.7 version. As you can see, Firefox has a background gradient, but it doesn't match the title bar's gradient. :( - Mar 05 2010
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Apr 07 2010
In KDE 4.4 the colors changed a little, so the current Oxygen Molecule doesn't match. :( - Feb 23 2010

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Feb 15 2015
I like it a lot :D

And I've noticed something cool... this theme looks REALLY nice together with the Ubuntu Day window borders... with your theme, Ubuntu Day changes color to a really nice sky blue :) - Jan 22 2010
Raptor (Slickness remix)

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by Eemo
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Aug 31 2015
thanks :) yes, it depends on the shape of the window... sometimes it's stretched so much that it seems deformed, but I'm using it now on my computer and in most programs it's working perfectly well :) - Dec 27 2008
I made a different version of the window background :) If you want to use it I can send my version of the theme to you :) It looks like this: - Dec 27 2008
I did it :D I looked around the theme files, and I found an explanation of the pixmap engine on the internet, so I managed to add the background :) It's not perfect, some apps stretch it horribly so that it doesn't look well (GIMP for example) but for most apps it's almost like I wanted :D here's a real screenshot: - Dec 23 2008
I'm glad you do ^_^ - Dec 23 2008
Good luck! :) From what I've read, there are gtk engines that use pixmaps, so it would be possible to have a pixmap background... but I have no idea how they handle scaling them to fit the window size. But maybe some engines can use SVG, then scaling the background to fit the window wouldn't be a problem. :) - Dec 22 2008
Cool :) I have no idea how to make gtk themes, so I don't know how doable it is, but this is what I had in mind (it's just a random pattern I made in inkscape, but it's meant to show my idea for a replacement for the plain gray background :) ) - Dec 22 2008
This theme is almost perfect! I'm using it at the moment :) I see one problem, though.... the plain flat gray background of many windows looks like something from early 1990's in my opinion :( You should try to make a version with some slight gradient or pattern in the background :) And I think that everything else about this theme is perfect :) - Dec 22 2008
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9   Dec 13 2010