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t h
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Sep 22 2008
nice :-) - Oct 03 2008

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by meek
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Jun 10 2008
it should only collapse the groups that are collapsed in pidgin. - Sep 14 2008
for bugs or feature-requests please file a bug at - Apr 12 2008
sorry, I forgot to update the screenshot. it still shows the old version. next version will probably have a theme that looks like the old one and it will be easy to create own themes - Apr 11 2008
rm ~/.config/Screenlets/Pidgin/default/*

fixed it for me - Apr 06 2008
it works with 2.4.0 for me, running gentoo. maybe post the error-message. - Mar 01 2008
you can right click the text. it's a bit tricky sometimes. - Feb 22 2008
strange. which screenlets and cairo version do you use? - Feb 17 2008
no, doesn't look normal. looks like something is wrong rendering images with transparency. do other screenlets work? - Feb 17 2008
hi searayman. I'm not sure. the dbus-error is strange. is dbus working?
do you mean you can see the contacts but not the background-images? - Feb 17 2008
it's possible to bring the conversation-window in front (it will be included in the next version), but it's not possible to switch to a new tab. I talked with pidgin-devs about that. :(
- Feb 04 2008
doesn't clicking a name work too? it should. at least it works on my machine. - Jan 31 2008
It doesn't work anymore because there were api-changes in the latest pidgin-version.
I'll submit a new version later to fix it. - Jan 31 2008
I will try, but highest priority is to manage making it run in the background and notice when pidgin is starting. - Jan 10 2008
Of course you can set the whole window's opacity, but that wouldn't make sense. I saw murrine-gtk-engine will supported transparent background soon. This might be interesting, though it will not help making the contact list themeable. - Dec 30 2007
yes, something like that. I have no idea how to get it look like on that screenshot using compiz-settings. I have no idea what mystatusbox has to do with it either. - Dec 30 2007
I guess writing a plugin in C would be at least as much, or even a lot more complex than using python/screenlets. - Dec 29 2007