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Tomas Mecir

Network by tpatzig 84 comments

Okay, just noticed that the kdebluetooth page contains this too, so please ignore my question above :) - Jul 07 2008

Network by tpatzig 84 comments

That's a nice project. I wonder if this is the "official" KDE's bluetooth app meant to replace KDE3's version (, or an independent fork ?

Also, just a minor thing I noticed - the tarball seems to include duplicated files - the kbluetooth4/ directory is an exact copy of the main directory. - Jul 07 2008
MagicLinux Control panel

System Software by chunxiayu 30 comments

Tried to download, ending up with...

The requested URL /people/lovewilliam/Magiconf/Magiconf-0.1-1mgcPre.noarch.rpm was not found on this server.

:( - Aug 10 2004

Various Games by mecir 3 comments

Because it's a client mostly used to connect to online games ;) Besides, no better-suitting category exists :D - Aug 10 2004