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Fedora 9 - Sulphur Nebula

Wallpaper Other by Blackbox-MX 3 comments

Fedora *does*rock! imho the wallpaper would be a bit better w/out the large signature block though... - Jul 06 2008
Minty 3D Glass

Wallpapers Mint by Izo 2 comments

Nice! - Nov 15 2007
Linux Mint Celena Green II

GDM Themes by cmost 1 comment

Thanks for the awesome matching GDM theme Cmost! Community contributions to Mint can out do the Mac art developement team any day : ) Keep up the nice work. - Nov 09 2007
Linux Mint Glass

GDM Themes by cmost 2 comments

This is an awesome GDM! Thanks Cmost!, Keep up the good work : ) - Nov 09 2007
Mint Curves

Wallpapers Mint by MCP 5 comments

I'm glad you like it. I added the version with no logo, I would love to see a matching GDM logon window : )

The light on the logoless version is a tiny bit different as I did not save the original xcf file after adding the lighting...

Thanks for all the compliments, I would love to see the wallpaper end up anywhere in the 4.0 release. - Nov 06 2007
Mint Curves

Wallpapers Mint by MCP 5 comments

Thanks Agust : ) That means a lot coming form the Mint wallpaper Master. - Nov 05 2007