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David McSarno
Breathless for Kde 4.x

Full Icon Themes by robakpiotr 15 comments

A really beautiful iconset. So I decided to upload it to rapidshare.

Get it here: - Feb 01 2010
Weather Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by rowancompsciguy 127 comments

CMakeLists.txt should be fixed to not use FindPlasma and it should contain QT_QTXML_LIBRARY within the target_link_library.

A fixed CMakeLists.txt can be found here:

Thank you for this nice Weather-Applet! - Jan 26 2010
Linux MultiMedia Studio

Audio Apps by tobydox 114 comments

I already builded an ebuild and announced it. So pleas don't upload it!!! - Jul 25 2005
New MacOSX Bar

Karamba & Superkaramba by virusbye 30 comments

Thats the macOSX Bar I was looking for. It's realy good. Now my mac-theme is completted. TOgether with BrushedMetal from Baghira it's almost better than the look of a real Mac.
The only thing which isn't working i the length of the topbar. It's too small for my resolution. I also tried to set the length manually with the script. But it didn't worked. But no matter.. its not important. - Jan 12 2005