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Marco Busemann Cologne, Germany
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EasyWake - Wake on lan manager

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by MBex
Score 58.0%
Jun 19 2011

i added this feature in version 3.0.

greets - Jan 08 2011

i have uploaded a version containing some fixes. It should work now.

If have although tried to create a debian package. At the moment i don't get it work. I think i should learn some basics on how to create those packages.

Thanks for your help.

greets - Jan 05 2011
sorry for the delay.
Actually im am reinstalling my source control server.

I think i will upload a debian package till next week.


I haven't tested it on linux, but on windows i can start my server without any problems.
I will have a look a this thanks.
- Dec 28 2010
QmbChat - Qt/Qml Chat

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by MBex
Score 53.3%
Jul 09 2012

i am sorry, but i don't want to do further development on this project.

I have done it only for testing purposes.

There are so many chat-clients on the market, therefore i don't think it makes sense to have an additional one.

But you can do it yourself if you like to ;-).

greets - Dec 12 2010