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max kaspar
Canta theme

GTK3 Themes 163 comments

Score 83.0%
Oct 09 2019
GTK2 applications still have the green highlight color when selecting files even if using Canta-indigo theme. - Sep 28 2019
Also, i don't need the toolbar background, only main window.
- Jun 28 2019
You misread. It's Thunar (on XFCE) with xfwm4 not Nemo with metacity. :)
- Jun 28 2019
Qogir theme now shows the background picture in Thunar, please fix Canta theme to do the same. I tried editing the gtk.css file and copying 'window.thunar notebook scrolledwindow.frame.standard-view,' value from Qogir gtk.css, but it shows the picture in background below the main window color, and you can see the picture briefly when changing folders. - Jun 27 2019
9 excellent - Jun 20 2019
Qogir theme

GTK3 Themes 317 comments

Score 88.9%
15 hours ago
10 the best - Jun 20 2019
XFCE Colour

GTK3 Themes 33 comments

Score 69.0%
Feb 26 2019
Nice theme, also great font. What is the name of font please? - Nov 23 2018
Active Window Control

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 120 comments

Score 86.8%
Jun 08 2017
No window text: Plasma Desktop option doesn't work. The text still appear when desktop is focused. - Jun 10 2017
Tango2 Icons

Icon Themes

Score 72.2%
Sep 14 2017
great! keep up the good work and add new icons :) - Jun 10 2017
Currency Converter

Plasma 4 Widgets 24 comments

Score 67.1%
Nov 08 2013
I'm on Arch Linux. Since the latest pyqt4 update (v4.11-2) it stopped working. It displays the message 'script initialization failed'. - Jun 25 2014
Score 70.0%
Jun 24 2014
Excelent "african sun" color. My request is to add 24 pixel size. - Jun 11 2014
Awesome Widgets

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 64 comments

Score 81.1%
Aug 03 2017
This problem has reappeared again. HDDTemp works without root priviledges (without sudo) from the command line.

It displays the following on the hddtemp line:

[hddtemp: $hddtemp0℃] - Jun 10 2014
hddtemp shows only the first digit. here is a screenshot - Dec 08 2013
Well, maybe it has something to do with the way i enabled hddtemp to work without root priviledges (chmod u+s). Also, 'systemctl status hddtemp.service' shows that the service is active and running, but 'systemd-analyze blame' that shows every service's load time at startup doesn't list hddtemp.service. - Nov 08 2013
It doesn't show the temperarature when KDE is restarted. You have to uncheck and then check again the hddtemp line in py text monitor to show the temp numbers. - Nov 07 2013
the hddtemp line doesn't display any info. I made hddtemp to work without root priviledges (with 'sudo chmod u+s /usr/bin/hddtemp', and it works on the command line without using sudo) but it doesn't display any info in py text monitor. I'm on Arch Linux and i have the latest version of the app from AUR. - Nov 06 2013

Karamba & Superkaramba 11 comments

Score 58.0%
Sep 27 2015
could you add support for hddtemp? - Dec 09 2013
Canta theme

GTK3 Themes
by vinceliuice

Score 83.0%
9   Jun 20 2019
9 excellent
Qogir theme

GTK3 Themes
by vinceliuice

Score 88.9%
10   Jun 20 2019
10 the best
Score 70.0%
9   Jun 11 2014