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Remi Villatel , France

KDE 3.5 Themes 251 comments

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Feb 08 2007
Yes, of course there are plans for Serenity on KDE 4. I'm waiting for a... hmmm... more usable KDE 4 before to start porting. - Nov 28 2007
Hmmm... Looks like an error from KSplash which doesn't speak politely enough to the X Server... which angrily replies "X Error".

Since I fixed Serenity for KDM, I use it and I've never encountered a problem, not even with the Moodin engine that I'm using now. (A quick search told me that it is included in Feisty. I don't know if it is used though.)

I'd suggest to look closely at the X logs if they tell more. And to send me the Kubuntu splash theme that should be in $KDEDIR/share/apps/ksplash/Themes/. (Whether it's pure KSplash or Moodin, I'll be able to see for myself what's going on.) - Apr 01 2007
Good point. I don't know why I used the expression "Arrowless" instead of the more correct "Buttonless". Maybe it sounded better to my french ears... Or more probably because arrowless scrollbars were actually without arrows before I put them back on the slider.

I will change the label.

And I will think about an option for the visibility of the arrows. I find them nice on the slider but it could also be nice to be able to make them really disappear. Wait and see... - Mar 26 2007
Well, if by "half titlebar" you mean the B2/BeOS titlebar style, sorry but it has disappeared since version 1.6. Too troublesome...

And thanks for the Debian packages. However, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to post a link here. ;-) - Mar 15 2007
Yes, it looks like my webhost has had some problems for a few days. Please, use the (temporary) new address: - Mar 08 2007
Well, no. It'd be better if you send directly your config.log to me. And create a log of your make with:

$ make > ./make.log

(Send it to me too.) If you did something wrong, I'll tell directly to you. If it concerns all (K)Ubuntu users, I'll report our findings.

That'll be better because make errors are rather boring when you're not concerned. - Feb 20 2007
Thanks. I'm going to warn everybody immediately. ;-) - Feb 08 2007
Uh? I don't understand your question. The colorschemes are automatically installed whichever way you install Serenity.

Then: Control Center --> Look&Feel --> Colors. You choose one of the numerous Serenity::something colorschemes and click "Apply". That's it.

What goes wrong in this simple process? - Feb 06 2007
Bug already crushed! :-D Now I just need to configure Serenity for root. - Feb 04 2007
Alas, yes. Since I'm working on it, I've never used Serenity during login... and I confirm that it crashes kdm.

Don't hold your breath because it's not easy to debug anything during login but I'm working on it. We're gonna have another "dot zero" release. :-( - Feb 04 2007
Thank you very much! - Feb 04 2007
KDE-Look doesn't allow us to make a thread any deeper. I'm answering directly to your email address. I hope you read you mailbox sometimes... - Jan 31 2007
You were almost there. Serenity isn't a theme for the theme manager, you have to select each part by yourself in the "Styles", "Window decorations" and "Colors" modules.

Apply and start tuning to your liking! ;-) - Jan 31 2007
All the errors come from the two first ones:

error: kdecoration.h: No such file or directory
error: kdecorationfactory.h: No such file or directory

Find these files on your system. All the needed KDE headers should be in the same directory. That should be the only include directory that needs to be specified. The ./configure script fails if all needed Qt stuff isn't found AFAIK. - Jan 30 2007
I don't know if the files are missing but at least KDE headers aren't found. That explains the messages, not the fact that you are root.

Well, did you read the INSTALL file? It explains that you should do:

./configure --disable-debug --prefix=`kde-config --prefix`

Or, at least, you should do:

./configure --disable-debug --prefix=/path/to/your/kde

In this path, there should be a directory "include/" with a lot of "k-something.h" files. These are the ones we need.

Keep me informed... whether is works or not. - Jan 30 2007
Huh? What bugs?

I'm about to make a new release so it's the right moment to report any bug. I would like not to have to make a "dot zero" release... again. ;-) - Jan 28 2007
It's already implemented on my system. The screenshot isn't a fake.

And this will sooner than later become KDE's default behavior so I'm just making it Serenity's default until KDE 3.5.6.

I'll think about adding another option to change the char in a future version (especially after I'll have found a new host without the 500 KB limit). Don't expect miracles, the possibilities are limited. No Winnie the Pooh unless it's part of the current font, no pixmap, no random char AFAIK... but there's quite some choices in the Unicode dingbats. (Try KCharSelect and go to page 37 and above.) - Dec 11 2006
If you arrive here from Danimo's blog, keep on "walking" upto there:

We're playing ping-pong... :-) - Dec 10 2006
Well, I tried it every way... With a color and with an image as background, with or without rubberband highlighting, moving the mouse slowly or quickly, the color of the highlight has no special effect... I just can't reproduce this bug.

In fact, it shouldn't even be possible to produce this result. Either the rubberband leaves traces everywhere or not at all. An intermediate situation makes no sense. Besides, the logics would dictate that problems should arise only when you pull the rubberband in another direction than from top left toward bottom right.

So... Without any certitude, I'd say that your KDE is responsible. What distro do your have? Did you try with and without rubberband highlighting? - Dec 09 2006
Well, I've never used Kontact. The few screenshots I saw discouraged me. Way too crowded for a single app.

Any way, you're right. But that the fault of the developers, they use the window background instead of the standard color (white). Whatever... I already have a solution partially written in my head. That's not very complicate, so expect some improvement for the next version.

Now, I'm wondering: When will I be able to hibernate? Serenity keeps on waking me up... ;-) - Dec 09 2006
Hey! You gave me cold sweats! I don't know why you can access my little repository but it's accessible since people keep on downloading. Did you re-try? Maybe were you trying to access it just while I was updating?

As for the .deb package, I wish I were able to make one but my distro is OpenSuSE... And the Debian unstable repository has some hard time to match my update rate. Nobody proposed me to make an up-to-date one, so... Sorry. :'-( - Dec 09 2006

Dolphin Service Menus 15 comments

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Mar 12 2007
1. I was only proposing ideas. I can't re-built RealAlienX's archive.

2. For that, you must add the script somewhere in KMenu and give it the appropriate icon.

3. Forget what I said. It was my mistake. You must add quotes to the "echo" line so that it looks like:

echo "$newnote" > "$fullname"

4. I agree with the delete button. It would make things easier. As for using a regular editor: No. I use KDialog because I found that an editor was too much to write tiny notes. Besides, the text editor of KDialog supports everthing: copy/cut/paste through the regular shortcuts, drag and drop. What else do you want? A bigger window? Change the script to have it. ;-) And thanks for the tutorial but that won't be needed. LOL

5. Sure! An installer would be nice but I just don't want to rip RealAlienX's idea. That's why everything comes as bits and pieces. - Apr 12 2007
First, you save my script in your $PATH without forgetting to set the executable flag. You create the new filetype with the "filenote.desktop" file I also gave. Then you create a new text file or you re-use an existing one. All that matters is that it has the extension ".filenote". (The content is irrelevant.) Finally you associate the ".filenote" files with the script. This step enables you to view/edit/delete file notes.

To be able to create filenotes, you download MyFileNote and you edit the "Exec=" line so that it says:

Exec=/path/to/my/script %U

(Just %U, that's intentional.) You save it and you install it as RealAlienX explains. That's it.

Just to make everything look a little better, you can also edit the "Icon=" line so that it says:


(I find this icon really nice... and appropriate.)

If you have more questions, you know where to find me. ;-) - Apr 05 2007
To create a new file type, create the file "$KDEDIR/share/mimelnk/text/filenote.desktop" as root. (AFAIK, you can't have a personal file type.) then paste into it the following:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Note about a file
Comment[fr]=Note sur un fichier



This separates the ".filenote" from the simple texts and assign a nice icon to them. This also enables you to assign an app or a script to open them. Don't forget to add a comment in your language... If you want. - Mar 13 2007
I checked KDialog features. I don't know the size of the text you can enter in a text input box but it can be long enough to trigger the use of a scrollbar. Besides, you have the usual keyboard shortcuts to cut/copy/paste. The only problem is that whichever way your format your input, it will turn into a single paragraph. Any way, it works quite nicely. So, here's the script I wrote for my very personal version of MyFileNote:

#! /bin/bash
if [ "${fullname##*.}" != "filenote" ] ; then
if [ -e "$fullname" ] ; then
oldnote=`cat "$fullname"`
newnote=`kdialog --title "MyFileNote" --textinputbox \
"Note about \"$shortname\":" "$oldnote" 300 200`
if [ "$oldnote" != "$newnote" ] ; then
if [ -z "$newnote" ] ; then
rm "$fullname"
echo $newnote > "$fullname"

Do what you want with it. It is made as well to create notes as to view/edit them. And it contains a special feature: When you delete entirely the text of a note, the note itself is deleted from your disk. Very useful when you view an old note that you don't need any more. - Mar 13 2007
I like the idea but I think it would be better to use KDialog to show a little textbox to enter a note than to use a full text editor.

I also think it wouldn't be such a bad idea to give a distinctive extension to the notes. ("*.filenote" for example.) This way it would be easy to assign an also distinctive icon to them and --most important-- to assign a program to view these notes. Once again, that would be a little script using KDialog to show/edit a note. It would less disruptive than a big text editor with its big window invading your screen just for one or two lines of note. - Mar 12 2007

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Apr 23 2007
But... It's a pity the picture isn't big enough. - Mar 17 2007
Desktop Text Config

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 43 comments

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Feb 17 2007
No, no, no! If your X11 is in /usr your X_INCLUDES should be '-I/usr/include'. With '-I.', the includes for X11 will be search in the build tree... where there are definitively not.

I don't know why the X11 includes aren't found. Something is wrong. As a fix, you should try to add the option
--with-extra-includes="/usr/include" for ./configure.

As for the "missing" .cpp files, they aren't needed. They are to be found only in the build tree of KDE and it's not a requirement to have KDE sources on your harddisk to build Desktop Text Config. Lucky you! ;-) - Mar 16 2007
I'm definitively not an expert about compilation failures but what I notice is that the used commands totally lack of any reference to X11 libs and includes. AFAIK this is not an option... ;-)

Check your "config.log". Mine says:

all_includes='-I/opt/kde3/include -I/usr/lib/qt3/include -I/usr/X11R6/include '
all_libraries='-L/usr/X11R6/lib -L/usr/lib/qt3/lib -L/opt/kde3/lib '

What does yours say? - Mar 14 2007
According to what I found on my system, it's part of the Xorg libs: /usr/X11R6/lib/libXss.*

I think it's another problem of normal vs. devel package. "My" libXss.* belong to the xorg-x11-devel RPM. - Feb 25 2007
This is a little text file, you can safely add it by hand next to "*". BUT you should already have it. On "my" SuSE, it's part of the kdebase RPM. Maybe on your distro it's part of a devel package that you must explicitely install. That should be so if you don't have any ".la" files or very few of them with your KDE libs. Or else, it got erased during a filesystem repair and in that case, you just have to re-install it by hand from the same sources you got your KDE (same distro, same version). - Feb 25 2007
Sorry but that's impossible. KDesktop has no option to change the position of the text of the icons.

You should propose it for KDE 4. - Feb 19 2007
Yep! You found a bug, I think. Report! ;-)

And thank you for the RPM. I'm going to warn everybody... - Feb 17 2007
We got a problem here. I don't know how that's even possible but two colors should appear in this section. And even if they are absent when the config is read, the module should write them when it saves back the config. It makes me wonder where your kdesktop picks the colors it uses. And, maybe, that explains your problem. *Maybe*...

First, look if the entries "ItemTextBackground" and "NormalTextColor" aren't present elsewhere in your kdesktoprc. If they are present, I'd say that it shouldn't be a bad idea to move them at the beginning of the FMSettings section. If they aren't present, add them.


Launch the module. The preview should have red text with a blue shadow. Change the colors and apply.

After that, check that the entries have changed in your kdesktoprc and that the colors you chose have been applied of course.

I think that *should* kill the ghost shadow forever because *I think* that these missing entries "puzzle" kdestop.

Keep me informed. (Reply to one of my previous message in order that I'll be informed. I think we reached the maximum depth.) - Feb 16 2007
AFAIK, the values here are valid ones. Just one question: What have you done of the lines "ItemTextBackground" and

Did you remove them because you thought it was useless to show the colors you use or are they actually missing? - Feb 16 2007
Just one word about the patch: I applied it on my SuSE 10.1 and it does nothing visible, harmful, whatever.

As for the ghost shadow, that can't be me. The module does nothing but setting options. It doesn't hack its way into KDE to do strange things. The "worst" is does is to talk to the desktop --through legal channels-- to warn it that the config has changed.

Aren't there problems with the icon labelled "Brow... something"? Have you already tried to move it to see if the ghost moves too?

And could you show me the [FMSEttings] section of your "kdesktoprc"? ($HOME/.kde/share/config/kdesktoprc) Once I'll be sure that there are only legal values, I'll guaranty you that I'm not responsible. - Feb 15 2007
Well, patch accepted. It breaks nothing for me.

Please, everybody that can't compile, try it. - Feb 15 2007
An import/export feature? I hope you're kidding. That would be a little exaggerated. The shadow settings are already complicate enough.

But I got an idea after I read your post. It is possible to make the settings accessible for the most computer illiterate users if I replace all the numbers with sliders and appropriate labels. For example, instead of decay style/factor, the label will be "Shadow outline" and the slider go from "Solid" to "Blurred". And behind the funny widgets, the module calculates the corresponding options for the shadow engine that will stop to be so "right under your nose".

As for the presets, I already had in mind to extend their list but I don't think it will be useful if I implement the right "fuzzy widgets".

Wait and see... because I found a bug and I have to make another release sooner or later. - Feb 15 2007
Frankly, I don't know anything any more... The options of your make are absolutely identical to mine.

Something however puzzles me: Where do all those warnings come from? How old is your Qt?

That's the only thing I can see.

As usual, there is no GCC expert when your life depends on it. ;-) - Feb 13 2007
Thanks but you're going to have to redo everything very soon. I can already see an improved version 0.3 on the horizon. ;-) - Feb 12 2007
I don't know why Konqueror's spellchecker allowed "honnestely". Is that old English? It fooled me because it's very close from French. Whatever...

Back on topic: I look even closer at your logs. I checked every option used during the make and I found a difference.

Where are located your X libs? The options used during my make are constant: 3 times -I/usr/X11R6/include and once -L/usr/X11R6/lib. Yours seem erratic: 3 times -I. (only a dot) and once -L/usr/lib.

It matches with what your configure says:

checking for X... libraries /usr/lib, headers .

Mine says:

checking for X... libraries /usr/X11R6/lib, headers /usr/X11R6/include

I'm definitely not sure this is the source of the problem but, at least, IMHO, this is incorrect and this is the only visible difference in between your system and mine.

Maybe you should try to inform your configure of where your X includes are with:


Just my 0.02 Euro... - Feb 12 2007
Honnestely, I don't have a clue. I compared your logs to what I obtain on my system and they totally match --apart for the paths.

I thought that the kshadow* headers were a bit old but they are practically identical to the ones available in the sources of KDE 3.5.4. Totally irrelevant.

So, I don't know what's wrong.

If there's a GCC expert in the room, please stand up. :-/ - Feb 12 2007
Yes, that's where it should appear as "Desktop Texts" (US), "Desktop Texte" (DE) or "Textes du bureau" (FR). If your language isn't amongst these three, it will be US. Did you miss the entry? If not, look on your harddisk.


Are these files present? If yes, there's a bug somewhere... If not, it means that the installation didn't work. What went wrong? - Feb 12 2007
Recursively create M3U playlists

Dolphin Service Menus 5 comments

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May 13 2007
(A little detail...) You should use shorter labels for your menu entries. What about:

"Recursively create M3U playlists"
"Créer récursivemnt des listes M3U"


"Recursively rename items to ASCII"
"Tout renommer récursivement en ASCII"

Wouldn't it be better?
Ne serait-ce pas mieux? - Mar 10 2007
Kassie (Kate Advanced Session Selector)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 5 comments

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Mar 16 2007
Sorry, this is only an applet. You can't drop files on the KMenu although this would be very useful.

I seldom use the KMenu but I may think about adding a cut-down version for this purpose, depending on how my collaboration with Anders will turn out. ;-) Wait and see... This is only the very first version of Kassie. - Mar 08 2007
Yes, I know about Kate Session Menu. I was surprized to see it appear in French when I updated to KDE 3.5.6. I liked it but I decided to write my own session manager after I found out it still doesn't support drag and drop and that it was impossible to add such a feature without a total re-write --what I did for Kassie. - Mar 07 2007

KDE Plasma Screenshots 2 comments

by nu11
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Jan 20 2007
Despite the title, I like the wallpaper. Where did you get it? URL? - Jan 20 2007
Syntax highlighting for Qt

Kate 12 comments

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Jan 06 2010
Thanks! - Jan 20 2007
It would be perfect if you added the (few) missing Qt3 QObjects/QWidgets so that the highlighting works for both Qt3 and Qt4.

AFAIK, only a few very common widgets like QSpinWidget, QHeader, QPopupMenu, and propably some others, won't get highlighted.

I think that in these times of transition, a syntax highlighting scheme for both Qt's would make everybody happy. - Jan 19 2007
Xtreme Apps

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

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Jan 02 2007

Or right-click on your desktop -> Configure desktop... -> Other wallpapers. Its name is "NIGHT". - Jan 03 2007
The Next Step

Wallpaper Other
by LiquidSky64

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Plasma 4 Extensions
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