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Oct 23 2019
Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm talking about the bar at the top of the screen. The screenshot shows a "Realistic OSX Style Topbar". I still have the Gnome standard Bar, with the Custom Font of course - but the style is still Gnome. This Gnome theming is not easy :D
In the second post I'm talking about the color of the close/minimize/maximize buttons - they're not red/yellow/green on my setup. - Nov 06 2018
Oh, and the minimize/maximize/close buttons are still grey :/ - Nov 05 2018
Hi, i'm new to this Desktop customization thing. I've got the Dock, the fonts, almost everything to work - but I really want the Topbar! I haven't figured that part out yet :( Can you help me with that? - Nov 05 2018