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Maurizio Vacca Cagliari, Italy

GTK2 Themes by krig 33 comments

Hi, finally I can see your work!! I was waiting for this since you've uploaded iRoll metacity theme. So, there're things I really like and things that I don't like so much.

tabs, combo, radio and check are great. Progression bar is more then good, and buttons too!!

The gray background for the's not a great color. I suggest you an "iced" white. People every time made the same error and use this kind of gray for "mac themes".

So and so...
Personally, I don't like the pixmap for the toolbar, but this is only an opinion, the pixmap is original and nice. One more thing, there's a strange issue with the panel...every thing is gray, no matter if I use a color or an image for the background.

Anyway, is a good job, +1 for you! If you need help, call me! - Oct 11 2008
Adobe Inspired

Icon Sub-Sets by maury 7 comments

I'm glad to hear this. BTW I'm waiting for your GTK theme ;).


Maurizio - Sep 23 2008
Adobe Inspired

Icon Sub-Sets by maury 7 comments

Maybe I can made another version, with rounded corners and a little be more glossy. But I have to think that non-rounded corners have a more professional and elegant look. Rounded corners (forgive me :p) remeber me iPod and iPhone icons. - Sep 19 2008
Adobe Inspired

Icon Sub-Sets by maury 7 comments

Of course, I'm programming some new entries ;). Bytheway, if anyone like this style and you want a specific icon application, ask and I'll see if I can add it to the next version.



P.S. Evince and OpenOffice suite icons are W.I.P. - Sep 18 2008