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Mauricio Barragan
Various Gnome Stuff
why do I need a Mac?

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Jun 20 2011
It's very nice. What GTK/Metacity theme are you using? And the bar at the left is a normal gnome-panel or are you using unity? - Jul 14 2011
Lucigence Desktop

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Feb 26 2011
Nevermind I now see in you DA gallery that you're "mixing" the panel with AWN. I tried that but when I do that the panel gets on top of AWN covering it whenever I click it. How can I make AWN to be on top always? - Jul 14 2011
Your desktop looks great. I have something similar but with AWN at the bottom. How did you integrate the windows buttons (minimize, maximize, close) into AWN? And did you eliminate the gnome panel or it's hidden? - Jul 14 2011
My elementary desktop

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Jul 26 2009
I like your desktop. I also have the elementary GTK but the toolbar is the same color as the menu bar. How can I make it look like yours? - Nov 05 2009
by Whise
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Aug 29 2011
I've installed under openSuse 11.1. It all seem to be all right but when I add it to the panel the menu doesn't show me any programs.

The other buttons work fine (Computer, Recent Filed, etc) but the program list is empty.

Am I doing anything wrong? - May 14 2009

GTK2 Themes
by zacbarton

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May 04 2010