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Plasma 4 Extensions 22 comments

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Mar 18 2011
I'm not using this plasmoid anymore since I have my own desktop shell with an integrated feed reader.
I guess the official feed reader should be better by now anyway.
Actually, I'm amazed it still compiles.
Otherwise you could replace
if( !globalConfig().group(feedURL).hasKey(date) ) {
if( true ) {
to prevent removal of read items.
- Oct 19 2012
You can simply edit the source:
- view->setMinimumWidth(320);
+ view->setMinimumWidth(16);

I'm using a Plasma::TreeView to display the feeds.
Plasma API is not as rich as Qt's so I don't think I can do anything to help with the wrapping issue, - Oct 13 2011
If you're using a binary distro, you need to install development packages for KDE.
Then you can checkout latest source using git :

git clone git://

To build and install, run:
cd plasma-feed
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Once it appears in the list of your available plasmoids, you can add it on your desktop or in your system tray.
- Jul 07 2011
I had changed the plasmoid to use the default font, but color and font are not the same settings.
I tested it with a dark theme and it works now.

It's nice to see it works correctly on the desktop. Could you do a screenshot of the plasmoid with the new color settings so I can add it here.

I also added support for Solid, so it should fetch feeds when Solid detect a connection, but I can't test it. - Jan 13 2010
I updated the source with plasma theming (i.e font color and size) and default browser support. - Jan 12 2010
It's interesting to see different usages of this plasmoid.

I wanted a panel popup showing only new messages but it doesn't seem to be your usecase.
So if I understand correctly, you're using it directly on the desktop ?
I'd like to know what features made you choose this plasmoid ?

I changed the URL handling to open in the default browser.
I'll either provide a font color and size option or look into theming support.
I'll release the new version when it's done.

What do you mean by different design ? The current design is simply a Plasma::TreeView in an ExtenderItem so it should be themed correctly.

PS: It should fetch on startup.
If you're on WLAN, maybe the network didn't had enough time to setup.
If you're showing feeds directly on the desktop, they may not get initialized properly. Unlike popups which are created when the fetch is completed. - Jan 11 2010
I'm glad you like it.

I could provide the option to change font color, but I'd like to know why you need a specific color ?

I made this plasmoid to be able to read feeds in a full-featured browser (unlike Akregator viewer), so I understand why you would need Firefox.

However, you may have noticed that this plasmoid is designed to remote control a browser in a single tab (using Akregator, I was opening all articles in new tabs which lead to heavy memory usage).

Unfortunately, Firefox doesn't provide a D-BUS interface to remote control it.
You would have to first write a Firefox extension to provide the interface.

But if you want, I can simply open articles as new tabs in the default browser. - Jan 10 2010
It's because QIcon::fromTheme is Qt 4.6 only.
I fixed this so it should work for Qt 4.5 / KDE 4.3.
I also improved stability. - Jan 07 2010
Qt Media Player

Audioplayers 8 comments

Score 58.0%
Aug 11 2010
It's not an error.
You don't need low latency audio for music playback.
But by using the maximum audio buffer size, Qt Media Player doesn't need to wake often (e.g only 3 time per second on my PC).
This is especially useful to save power on embedded systems. - Nov 10 2010
you can either use ffmpeg 0.6 or simply remove the line.
- Sep 04 2010
Sorry, I forgot to try to compile as 32bit. should now work.
If checking out a git snapshot is too inconvenient, I can package a new archive.
Thanks for testing and reporting bugs. - Sep 04 2010
qmake tries to autodetect KDE using kde4-config.
you can disable it by editing the .pro file.
it is only used to have an improved file dialog - Aug 25 2010