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Jul 12 2019
It helps to design as many elements as possible using CSS instead of using image files to make manipulation easier. My theme builder for the Redmond97 theme might be easier to use as an example as I built that theme from the ground up with a theme builder in mind. - May 22 2020
Also with the latest firefox updates you'll most likely need to enable the userchrome css and disable the new "megabar" that was recently added to firefox 75. - Apr 27 2020
If you download the extras package you'll see an archive called chrome.ttar.gz. This is tthe firefox theme I made to emulate the classic IE look. You can use the install instructions here: - Apr 27 2020
If you select the "All3D" option when using the theme builder it will remove the 3D buttons from most toolbars. Hope this helps. - Apr 27 2020
Oh yea I know those issues quite well :). I still wake up after having nightmares trying to fix those types of things in my themes. I still haven't figured out the Libreoffice issues yet. You should try out my Redmond2K theme here: it's pretty close to the Raleigh theme I still need to make a GTK2 theme for it and it's still in the early stages. - Jul 13 2019
Yea didn't notice it until I was building my Redmond97 theme and just happened to be using Archive Manager and noticed it was some of the code from this theme causing it. - Jul 12 2019
Just noticed it a day or two ago just never got around to fixing it until now. - Jul 12 2019
Should be fixed in the latest update (ver 1.4). It took some time to track this one down it was driving me crazy. - Jul 12 2019
Should be fixed in the 1.0 release. It looks like all the 3D styles were affected. - Jul 06 2019
Thats great news thanks for testing it out for me. The plan for now is to keep both projects open, my other Win3x theme will be mostly the classic themes and this one will include all the classic themes and Ill continue adding more color schemes for this one. - Jun 29 2019
OK so I'm pretty sure I found the issue, I uploaded a new archive Win3xETesting if you could give it a try. I just included the Classic theme for testing purposes but if it works I'll add the fix to the next official release. "Win3x Test" includes the hopeful fix, Test1 has mostly clean up of the css files, I removed a bunch of references I believe are no longer required. If you could give that one a try too and note any weird side effects Id be grateful. Thanks - Jun 28 2019
I will take a quick look into it, I think I know what line I need to change for the fix it was from a previous change I made to fix something else. I'm still running GTk2 panels so I may have have to have you try out the fix when I change it. - Jun 28 2019
Thanks for your feedback I'm glad you enjoy it. There will be some new updates / fixes coming out soon along with a script I'm working on that allows users to pick their own colors and then generates a custom theme. - Jun 28 2019
Thanks for the feedback! Currently the colors are hard coded in each color scheme but in the near future I plan on implementing a config file you can place in your home directory and easily edit to change the colors instead of hard coding each color scheme. In the meantime I can make a custom scheme for you if you'd like. - Jun 20 2019
That should be possible I'll be sure to add one to the next release here soon. Also feel free to check out my original version of the Win3x here if your looking for a more classic Win3 look . It's under gtk2 themes but also has the GTK3 theme I've been working on. - Jun 20 2019

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Aug 22 2019
The ones from the screenshot I was using "Faenza-Ambiance", it came with the faenza-icon-theme on Arch Linux. - Nov 07 2019
I've had good luck with the Windows XP icon pack by elbullazul here: - Nov 07 2019
Awesome find thanks for the contribution, I tried the changes and they worked fine on this end too. Will add the new changes to the next release. - Aug 20 2019
Good call forgot about the default color schemes! All the Redmond theme variants now include the above. (I believe the stormy night one was called Storm). - Aug 07 2019
It's a hack to make the overall look to mimic the explorer bars from Win 98/ME. I was messing with the idea of having active movable toolbar be full opaque while making the unmovable ones be semi transparent but it didn't get far. I'm currently making the toolbar style selectable with the theme builder so you can choose between different toolbars styles such as popout(Raleigh type), classic seperator(Windows 95), inset(current style) and inset without inactive handles. - Jul 21 2019
Fixed. - Jul 20 2019
One hack I used to make the lists have a white background was:
scrolledwindow.frame {
background-color: @theme_base_color; }
This didn't affect the Libre-Office menu bar and made any widget that scrolls have the same white background. Hopefully that helps as I'm using Arch linux so I don't have pamac app to experiment with. - Jul 18 2019
Had a chance to finish cleaning up the code and get it posted to github: - Jul 17 2019
Not yet, getting close just cleaning up the code a bit before I set it up. - Jul 16 2019
No problem glad to help! The trick is to avoid referencing scrolledwindow directly you'll see in the code where I put the comment for the Libre-Office menu bar fix you can put your size adjustments in that section and it should work. - Jul 16 2019
Try this let me know if it works: . I may have found a workaround for the menu bar in Libre-Office. - Jul 15 2019
Just tried commenting out all references in the css file to the scrolledwindow element and the menubar looked normal. Will see if there's some way to work around this since libre-office doesn't have it's own widget names I can specify like in most other apps. - Jul 15 2019
Will take a look at it, I'm also having some issues with the menu bar in my themes it appears that Libre-Office is using the border settings from the ScrolledWindow widget. - Jul 15 2019
Yup that's the next part of the plan, I am working on porting my Win3xE theme generator to this one.
- Jul 15 2019
Fixed affected popover menus and regular menus. - Jul 15 2019
I like it, conforms a little more to the style. Eventually I want to get rid of the frame around the category buttons too. Thanks. - Jul 15 2019
Also thanks for the videos it's been making the troubleshooting a little easier! - Jul 15 2019
Excellent find haha I thought it was just me I was wondering why the search function wasn't working for me... Should be fixed I just uploaded the new version 0.53 - Jul 15 2019
I noticed that in the video GTK2 tabs don't have enough margin on the top I noticed this using GIMP-2 also. That fix will be included in the next update (I fixed it I just need to package it and upload.) - Jul 14 2019
Fixed - Jul 14 2019
Fixed - Jul 14 2019
Should now be fixed, the official Redmond2K GTK2 theme has been released. - Jul 13 2019
Thanks! Glad you like it more updates are on the way. - Jul 13 2019
Tabs in GTK3 should be fixed, the GTK2 theme is just a temporary one as I'm currently making my own from scratch, sometimes it's easier to start with a clean slate. For now I updated the GTK2 theme so the colors match the GTK3 theme. - Jul 13 2019

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Aug 09 2019
Both issues have been corrected, I also removed the redmond95 gtk-engine dependency for gtk2. - Aug 09 2019
Thanks for the comment. Tool tips should be fixed in the next release, for the Gtk-WARNING you would need to install the "gtk-engines" package to make the warning go away (on some distros it may be "gtk2-engines"). I left a reference for the GTK2 Redmond95 engine for compatibility but it can be safely ignored if the engines aren't installed. I'll probably end up removing the reference in the near future after I do more testing. - Aug 07 2019

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May 24 2020
Awesome glad to hear it's working good. Would love to see some screenshots, if you want I could include some of your custom distro themes with the official theme package. - Aug 06 2019
Fixed, included with the last update. - Jul 30 2019
Fixed, will be included with the next release (currently included in latest available patch). - Jul 28 2019
That's the plan. Just applying some finishing touches before I release the script, it should be released soon. - Jul 25 2019
OK now you really have me wanting a Win2K theme now haha. I made a quick Win2K color scheme Redmond2K if your using the firefox theme you caan download the IE5 one I uploaded so the colors match. - Jul 13 2019
I was looking into creating the Win98 / Win2000 style titlebar with the gradient colors however left to right color gradients in xfce4wm doesn't seem possible at the moment. I'm currently looking into supporting IceWM also as it is already possible with that WM. - Jul 12 2019
Thanks! - Jul 12 2019
Thanks for the feedback! More updates are on the way soon. I'm hoping to get started on the GTK2 theme in the next few days once I get the main theme widgets completed. - Jul 12 2019

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Jul 07 2019
A second version of the firefox theme has been added with support for tabs. It's still a work in progress so there may be some slight issues depending on your color scheme. - Jun 11 2019

GTK3 Themes
by darkomarko42

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Aug 25 2019
CDE / Motif theme

GTK3 Themes
by josvanr

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Aug 03 2019

GRUB Themes
by Shevchuk

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Jun 03 2019

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by gute

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Mar 20 2015

GRUB Themes
by Shevchuk

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10   Jun 03 2019
10 the best

Full Icon Themes
by gute

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9   Mar 20 2015