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Matt 2002

Utilities by LinuxDooM 10 comments

compiles and installs without hiccup on 64 bit OpenSUSE 10.3. Nice app, will be useful for me.

I downloaded also the dicts a nice guy has converted from stardict (as listed in your forum) and all seem to work fine. It is quite helpful to see the words explained in several dicts at the same time, this speeds up finding the best explanation.

One problem though, I configured aplay to be the sound player, because on my system play does not work. However the sounds played are just garbled noise. How can I switch playing sound to mplayer or others?

One thing to improve is may be to mention earlier that during install you can download dicts, I had been searching and searching where to download them. Only later, when I compiled and read the readme, then I understood.

Again, this is a nice app, and showing nicely the power of python and PyQt.

Now, if someone could add some English-German or English-French or French-German or English-Thai dicts, that would be lovely.

Keep it up!
Matt - Feb 06 2008

Utilities by danap 11 comments

While this might be a nice app, I do not see any use of KDE or Qt in it.

There might be a better place for pure java apps (= not using the KDE or Qt bindings) than the KDE app site ;-)

Also, when I test it, I get - right after submitting the login data, a nice error:
MyJSQLView_Main createGUI() Connection Created
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1
at java.lang.String.substring(
at net.danap.myjsqlview.TableTabPanel.loadTable(
at net.danap.myjsqlview.TableTabPanel.(
at net.danap.myjsqlview.MyJSQLView.createGUI(
at net.danap.myjsqlview.MyJSQLView.(
at net.danap.myjsqlview.MyJSQLView.main(

I'm testing with a bigger database, you might have developed it just with smaller ones ? - Oct 17 2006
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

Good, these are nice steps in the right direction!

When you do this functionality for 6.1 please keep in mind that the same basket / subbasket could have been modified / having subbaskets added on more than one PC at the same time. Thus a sync should at least allow new subbaskets of a basket to get synced = copied over automatically.

I know that it is a bigger effort to sync subbaskets which got changed on several PCs, and knowing that I could avoid that. So a "new basket or subbasket gets added on all synced PCs" would suffice for me.

About Kontact integration, how do I get the basket window showing inside the main Kontact window and not as a separate window?

Thanks! - Oct 17 2006
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

I use basket now for a long time and it always was very helpful, and getting better all the time. Thanks for it!

I like it so much that I use it on several PCs / notebooks, and that brings up my question: How to synchronize?

Is it enough to just synchronize the files in ~/.kde/share/apps/basket/baskets and restart basket or would other files need to get synchronized too?

If this would not work, may be such synchronizing is a nice feature to add? - Oct 16 2006

Various KDE Stuff by binner 59 comments

Thanks, that's really great!

SuSE is my favorite distro, perfect for desktop, notebook, amd64 and with excellent kde integration! And also for the server.

This remastered DVD will save me a lot of time, with not having to download all the updates at every new installation.

10.1 is a great distro, it is a pity that the problems with the package management / online update did overshadow it's qualities somewhat.

Thanks again for this timesaver. - Oct 15 2006
Tweaking Konqueror tabs

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by suslik 15 comments

While I'm perfectly happy with the unix way to edit config files, I like your utilities such as this and the karambino installer very much. I'm tired to remind others such as my dear brother again and again about simple operations such as that you can install an rpm with "rpm -Uvh whatever.rpm" in a konsole, or even to get a config file in ~/.whatever and to edit it.

So keep on producing such EASY tools, very much appreciated! - Aug 17 2006
Kima - kicker monitoring applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by kenws 360 comments

sorry, it must be :
type "lsmod | grep ther" (without the quotes) + hit enter - Apr 15 2006
Kima - kicker monitoring applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by kenws 360 comments

first check:
- open konsole
- type "~> lsmod | grep ther" (without the quotes) + hit enter

if you have someting like this as output then you have it loaded already:

thermal 14472 1
processor 24252 1 thermal

If not, then su to root and type "modprobe thermal" (without the quotes) + hit enter

and then quit and restart cpuinfo. - Apr 15 2006
Kima - kicker monitoring applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by kenws 360 comments

I have the same problem - temp shows n/a only. SuSE 10.0, running Raoul's rpm.
lsmod says:
~> lsmod | grep ther
thermal 14472 1
processor 24252 1 thermal
~> rpm -q cpuinfo

What's missing? - Apr 15 2006
MiniDV Assembler

Video Apps by meneerdik 11 comments

looks like k.i.s.s. - keep it simple, stupid - very easy to use.

Matt - May 02 2005
KOffice python module

Developers Apps by cerulean 3 comments

This is very helpful!

Waiting for the kword stuff now, that's what I need to use.

Matt - Feb 13 2005

Network by helldrive 78 comments

the downlaod link for the suse 9.1 rpm still points to kasablanca- instead of kasablanca- - Feb 02 2005

Graphic Apps by tommycw1 24 comments

it's in kdebindings-python - Jan 24 2005

IDEs by milianw 80 comments

hmmm, may be I do something wrong, but I get no crashes. Not a single one!

Matt - Aug 21 2004

Network by helldrive 78 comments

thanks, yes, I see the lock now, and also a text in the log confirming TLS Auth.

Very good!

Matt - Aug 18 2004

Network by helldrive 78 comments

nice, quick, clean, very useful, especially for downloading.

My wishlist:
When uploading, the only thing still keeping me from using it (and staying with kbear / gftp) is that I do not see the file rights.

When uploading for a website I have to make sure that it is world-readable, but not writeable (rw-r-r). But in kasablanca I do not see this. So I have to take another tool for doublechecking. which is a little annoying.

I can set the encryption to different levels, but how do I see that they are actually in effect (and supported by the connection)?

The bookmark frame on the left side of the "edit bookmark" window is too small, I always have to make it bigger to see my bookmarks (imported from gftp, therefore with leading folder name).
Matt - Aug 18 2004

Graphic Apps by emdot 3 comments

Thanks, that was fast. It is much more clear now!

Matt - Aug 10 2004

Graphic Apps by emdot 3 comments

hmmm, you missed to tell us about what this app is supposed to do.

How about adding one or two lines at the beginning of the description (which currently does *not* describe the app, but its requirements and technical details only)

yes, I know, I could follow the link to your homepage, and I will, but still, a few words telling what it is for should be on this page.

Matt - Aug 10 2004

Browser by ceebx 11 comments

this is a very good approach, it makes a lot of sense!

I will certainly watch the development closely.

Matt - Aug 10 2004

Graphic Apps by freitag 12 comments

This is what I love about linux / kde / open source: you make some comments about an app, and to your surprise soon you are chatting with the author of it :-)

>screen cluttering is not intended, it is not a new 'feature' ;-)

ok, I wish I could get kooka to look like on the screenshots. As I seem to be not the only one with this problem, it seems to be worth attacking it: Tell me what you would like to know, i check it out and send it to you. You need kooka.rc or whatever, I'm more than willing to help.

>...the undockable windows can always lead to a cluttered GUI,>

I might be happy already, if I can dock the windows, and they stay docked then.

However if it is as in kbear, that if I resize one docked window, the other ones do not adjust, and I end up with either overlapping windows or empty space in my main window, that would drive me mad. I prefer the "divider" type of adjustment, you slide one smaller, the other one gets bigger.

> but some people like to undock e.g. the ocr result window to have it as a kind of dialog

yes, I can see that, and here I might be even also in favor of a new window for the ocr result, or better a third tab for the ocr results in the preview, scan view subwindow, which has 2 tabs already anyway. I could see the ocr results logically fit in there.

>Another prob is that different scanner offer different scan options which leads to different sizes for the scan options window. That can not (only) be handled by layout management.

yes, I remember that from earlier versions of kooka when some buttons did not show up in a subwindow, no matter how big I tried to make it.

I think vuescan has solved this problem by leaving enough space in the subwindows for the biggest set of options. and successfully using 2 sets of tabbed windows to save screenspace.

I personally like the tabbed window style, when opera came out with it I switched to it immediately (and now that konqui is there too and in many ways even better, I'm wondering how to get my bookmarks over to konqui...)

>Bottomline: The cluttered GUI you dislike is a bug that I can fix as soon as I have detailled information how that happens. It is not intended.

Got it: what "detailled information" do you need? You might want me to send it to you directly?

>The point with the presets: Definetely a good feature request, which will be implemented in future releases.

This is great to hear!!!

Let me add also the feature request of an easy way to use kooka as a photocopy machine. (Hint: vuescan has a "copy to print" feature.) This is where I often loose time trying to get the printout looking somehow similar to the original in size and quality. - May 06 2004

Graphic Apps by freitag 12 comments

Hello Klaas,

about vuescan, please keep in mind that in my post about kooka, comparing it with vuescan, I made wrong statements about vuescan. It would be unfair not to correct them, wouldn't it!

About kooka, I'm not so sure if it is a bug what I see, there might be just an issue with a configuration file. A can't report that as a bug, without further research.

Independent of the window display problem I see on my box I have an issue with the gui mode of kooka. I hate the screen cluttering - May 06 2004

Graphic Apps by freitag 12 comments

oops, I just downloaded and tested the latest vuescan version, and I have to take all back:
the gui is great screen clutteringperfect scans also in highest resolutiontime saving presets/filters for optimizing scans from newspapers and magazinesand it seems to be free on linux for non commercial use.
Is that Qt what they use now?
What seems to miss is is only OCR integration.

This is indeed professional software!

- May 05 2004

Graphic Apps by freitag 12 comments

I tried vuescan (some months ago), and it does indeed deliver excellent scans. It seems to have better and more scanner support than sane.

The only reason I did not buy it is because the gui is almost not usable on my system. Not because it would have a bad design, no, it would be very intuitive, if I could just see the selected options on my system. Maybe it is an issue of gtk+ not supported good enough on my kde-centric box.

The latest versions of kooka (starting from kde 3.2.x) on the other side, are driving me crazy.
Kooka does freeze sometimes when a preview should get displayed, after the scan finished already. (the preview is there after a restart of kooka, so the problem dos not seem to be in the sane part of the scan)
Always when I start it I have to reopen all "views". It does not remember that a view was opened, or hwere it was opened it does open views in the upper left corner, always, and always at an usuable small window size
But the scans are not bad, at least with my scanner, the defaults are better than the ones xsane is using.

So I wish that either vuescan offers a kde or at least a qt gui, or that kooka stops this stupid screen cluttering gimp 1 like gui mode where windows need to get opened all over the screen.
xsane and vuescan both show that a gui can get designed better, much better, and even kooka once upon a time was better. - May 05 2004

Graphic Apps by starcube 25 comments

Your tags are GREAT. This is the feature I'm missing in digikam.
However digikam has the image import from my digital cameras and the plugins, the tools, such as a slideshow, image rotation and many more.

Especially the slide show and the rotation I use very often.

Can't you 2 merge???

That would be the killerapp digikam with the killerfeature tags.

While I'm downloading, you can give an image multiple tags, can't you?

Matt - Apr 11 2004

Database by knorr 40 comments

there are plenty of nice screenshots on the homepage.
Didn't you have a look there yet?
Just follow the link above, you can't miss them!

Matt - Mar 16 2004
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

this is great, i love it!!!

No doubt, it will stay on my desktop as long as possible.

Please continue polishing it! There are still a few rough edges too much.

Here a few:
it is not centered, if you do not use a 1024 screen size. (changing the value in the kxdocker_conf.xml from 1024 to 1280 makes it worse)
in kxdocker_conf.xml there is no clear effect to see if "center" is changed to left or right.
some apps need not only an ican and a commando to start, but also a working directory to get set.
a config dialog instead of hacking kxdocker_conf.xml would be great.
the trasparency does not really work, if there is a window behind kxdocker. kxdocker cuts out a part of the window, or sometimes misses that there is a new window behind it, it still shows the former one.
how about a tooltiptext, giving the name of teh app linked to the icon under the mousepointer?

OK, just some ideas!

Thanks for this nice toy,
Matt - Feb 26 2004