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Tux keyboard

Wallpaper Other by julianhanna11 1 comment

It needs a bit of work. The keys still look grubby - see if you can clean them up a bit. - Jun 03 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by mathew 22 comments

I wasn't really expecting a reply either... But then... I did get one :D

Thought the techies might like to know that stuff, but then, this isn't exactly a devel forum.

I am already planning a kfile plugin, and also want kview to support the format.

I need a bit of input from some kde development savvy people.

E-mail me: mathew%bearca!.com (Obvious changes to address)

Expect 0.5 within the week...

-Mathew - Jan 29 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by mathew 22 comments


I found the problem - it is with a 3 byte int (!!??) in the mac os resource maps.

I think this should fix the rest of the problems people are having, so I will release 0.5 non beta as soon as I figure out how to read the 3 byte int on x86.

On a side note, if people are willing to give a little in donations, I am now willing to open source GPL. Think of the possibilities... :D - Jan 28 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by mathew 22 comments

It is not parsing the resource maps on that icon set properly... I am looking into it. - Jan 25 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by mathew 22 comments

Thanks for the gdb post... Good call on the filename char arrays.

It would technically die any time the new title was longer than the old one, since I allocated the old title's size for the new one.

This explains why some people thought you needed the .icns extension - It wouldn't segfault on the filenames.

I'll post a fixed version this afternoon. - Jan 23 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by mathew 22 comments

Any chance you could tell me which filenames you're converting, and mabye post a gdb run? - Jan 22 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by mathew 22 comments


Sorry I took so long to respond.

Could you clue be in a bit more?... I thought I had linked it with libc6. ( I built it on a borrowed RH 8.0 system )

Here is a copy of the essential parts of my Makefile:

# Makefile for Icns2PNG, MacOS X / Linux
# Copyright (C) 2002 Mathew Eis

# version number

# where make install puts icns2png

# Where the libpng and zlib library and include files are located


LDFLAGS=-L. -L$(LPNGINC) -L$(ZLIBLIB) -lpng12 -lz -lm
LDFLAGS_A=-L$(LPNGINC) -L$(ZLIBLIB) $(LPNGLIB)/libpng.a -lz -lm

OBJS = icns2png.o iconvert.o pngwriter.o byteswap.o

all: icns2png

test: icns2png
@cd test; rm -f OmniWeb.png Snow.png; \
if ../icns2png OmniWeb.icns Snow; then \
echo 'Icns2PNG test successful!'; \
else \
echo 'Icns2PNG test failed internal error'; \
fi; cd ..;

install: icns2png
install -m 755 -o root -g wheel icon2png $(prefix)/bin

release: icns2png test
@mkdir -p icon2png-$(version); \
cp icns2png icon2png-$(version); \
cp README icon2png-$(version); \
rm -f icon2png-$(version).tar; \
tar -cf icon2png-$(version).tar icon2png-$(version); \
rm -rf icon2png-$(version); \
echo 'Icns2PNG $(version) release package created.'; \
rm -f *.o;

icns2png: $(OBJS)
$(CC) -o icns2png $(CFLAGS) $(OBJS) $(LDFLAGS_A)

rm -f *.o icns2png

Let me know what to change for you. - Dec 26 2002
IcOsX Theme First look !

Various Stuff by shok 15 comments

Looks good for starters, although I would try to stay out of the "marbles" if you can.

IMHO they seem to take the life out of the icons some how.

Keep to the style of your icons for gimp, kreatecd, illustrator, the folder, etc... - Jun 13 2002
Ksplash - liquid

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Harlekin 31 comments

Just installed YDL KDE 3.0 - May 21 2002