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Tom Wagner
Resizeable Tux Cursor!

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Mar 17 2003
sorry can`t test in all WMs
temporarely limited to KDE.
when i release the source pngs
you will be able to fix it.

i also have to guess cursornames...
main cursor is: left_ptr - Apr 03 2003
you are doing nothing wrong.
its meant that way.
in 32x32 size mode the hand cursor is
a little bit larger, thats just to make
it more visible when something is
its meant to pop out a bit.
like tux stepping a little step foreward
to show you the link :)

the hourglass is still in designing
progress and therefore 64x64. its a bit huge (depending on your resolution ;) ) but if it would be smaller you wouldnt be able to see details any more...
its difficult to satisfy everybodys wishes, some want more animation, some want less.

im going to release the sources soon,
so everybody can mess around with tux theirself, hehe - Mar 23 2003
i guess mandrake 9.1rc2 already comes with
xfree 4.3, right? if you are not sure check your xfree version.

also try different paths like:
you should find the icons directory somewhere.

if all fails you can still install in your home directory as single user.
create a folder named '.icons' in your home directory.
copy the tuxcusor and the default directory in the .icons directory.
and check the index.theme in /default if it inherits tuxcursor.

i hope one of the methods works for you :)
- Mar 17 2003
i will keep the idea in mind.
thanks for the improvement comment.
but a redesign is always difficult because i have to try whats possible and what looks best.

but i will redo the wait cursor. - Mar 13 2003
you dont really want a penguin flying around on your W2k or XP ; )

so i hardcoded a copy protection in the cursor that it isnt possible to use them on Micro$ofts OS ; )

just a joke, hehe.
i will release the source.png files in some time so you can "port" it to any OS with animated cursor support. - Mar 13 2003
but there is little i can do.

i guess its a problem of xcursorgen.
maybe someone will find out whats wrong
and report it to the cinerama or the cursorgen team. ;) - Mar 12 2003
dont know what caused the error.
uploaded 4 diferent images/sizes.
the last one worked : )

please post your comments about the changes

i wont change this version for some time.
working on the cursor takes alot of time and in the last days i got no sleep ;)

so decide for one of the two versions.
i wont improve them in the next two weeks.

i hope you all enjoy it! - Mar 11 2003
Tux Cursor!

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Mar 17 2003
look closer, the resize cursors and the
xkill cursor are animated to. ; )
in the next version i will have an animated
hourglass with tux IN it : )
and resize is finally possible!

M7 - Mar 17 2003
now thats what i had suspected, but i didnt know how to do it right. thanks ronie :)

i guess i have no excuse then, so i have to do resizable cursors.

maybe in 32, 48 and 64 size.
i think smaller cursors than 32 dont make sense. i already made a hardcoded 32 version and i think thats the minimum size to still see a penguin and not 2 pixels ;)

maybe before i start converting you can post your size wishes. - Mar 13 2003
the resize works for redglass and whiteglass.
but unfortunatly not for the tuxcursor.

i dont know why.
maybe there is a different way of generating
the cursors to make them resizeable.

sorry for the wrong info, but i only tested it with whiteglass.

but i will manually do a 32x32 version when i have enough time again.
so you should have no problems then : ) - Mar 12 2003
i finally found an easy and comfortable way
of setting the size.

create an '.Xdefaults' file in your home directory and add the following lines:

Xcursor.size: 32
Xcursor.theme: tuxcursor

restart X.
now the tuxcursor should be 50 % smaller.
if you want it even smaller type 16 as size.

i hope that works for you. - Mar 11 2003
hehe, thanks.
i dont need the accounts because you are managing them ;) from now on.

btw: its version 0.1 on deskmod not 1.0.

i will upload version 0.2 soon
so stay tuned.
added drop shadows and fixed some
pixels in the images (fine tuning)

thanks to all for your comments.
this community rocks!
and i dont care about the %.
92% is pretty good :)

i will upload the sources if i get
a good connection again. so you can put anything in tux hand as pointer. - Mar 10 2003
i will defenetly do a next version.
but not in the next days.

just post your ideas and improvements and i will try to put them alltogether in the 0.2 version.

dropshadows should not be a problem but doing this on 60 images takes some time. i will also have to resize the cursor to make some space for the shadow.

lets find all errors first and then i will see what i can do. ok?

uploading this theme on different
theme sites is a little problem for me. because i only have internet acces on my work and cant upload there.
i uploaded to kde-look with my cellphone, but thats quite expensive ; )

but you can post the cursor for me on any site you want, as long as you give credit to me and include the description above. - Mar 10 2003