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Groupware by MasterPatricko 3 comments

Do you have akonadi configured properly configured? It looks like it is missing some config.
Run "akonaditray", a blue akonadi icon will appear in your system tray. Right click, select "Configure...", then choose the tab "Akonadi Server Configuration". Does it say akonadi is running? Does the "Test..." button give any useful output? - Sep 22 2010

Groupware by denisq 32 comments

Hi! Good to see someone else trying to improve the lacking situation of KDEPIM syncing.

Coincident to your efforts I took the kitchensync from KDE SVN and backported it to OpenSync 0.22 that is still being shipped by most distros (unlike OpenSync 0.3x, which is not).

I'll keep an eye on the SVN and backport any changes which look interesting; and try to help too of course.

To any users out there: unless you are running a bleeding-edge distro, you probably want the OpenSync 0.22 compatible version I've linked to. - Sep 21 2010
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

9   Mar 27 2011