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Alex Gunshee

GTK3/4 Themes by lassekongo83 364 comments

The window manager component appears to be missing the "Always on Top" button, could you add one, please? - Aug 26 2012

Full Icon Themes by iconcubiccom 68 comments

I agree that these are nice buttons.

But they are still NOT UNDER THE GPL.

Whoever downloads them, should be aware of that.

And you, iconcubiccom, should update the license notice on this page. - Sep 28 2006

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

...from me, too!

I'm using Yakuake for quite a long time now. I even feel kind of helpless/confused on machines without it. Should see me hitting F12, until I realize I have to search the Konsole icon. ;-)

Great app, and great to see it back! - Sep 14 2006

Wallpaper Other by mimosius 6 comments

Neat! - Sep 14 2006
login-scan 'fusion'

KDM3 Themes by rokkford 53 comments

Easiest way:

1. Unpack contents into an empty directory.
2. Become root.
3. Enter
./configure && make && make install

That's it. - May 19 2006
Yakuake Gentoo ebuild

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by faust 15 comments

a) This is not the YaKuake page itself, but only a package built for the Gentoo distribution. YaKuake itself isn't continued afaik.

b) YaKuake is an application on top of Konsole, a (the) terminal emulator for KDE. You can change settings there and then tell YaKuake to adapt the Konsole settings. - May 19 2006
Lucky Strike

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tosyu 2 comments

I'm a smoker myself, and I usualy don't mind smoking advertising. Yet I don't see the point of a smoking ad on this platform. It's not funny, it's not unique, it's not creative. It's just lame.

Just my 2 Cents. - May 19 2006
XMMS Skin - SeaMaster

XMMS Skins by ArbitraryReason 12 comments

I also like this theme very much!
But is there a chance you make the "always on top" etc. buttons in the main window visible in the next release? :-) - Jan 12 2006
Crystal Clear

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 199 comments

A very nice theme you've built there.

One point, though: could it be there is no icon for Quanta anymore? I tried to apply a new icon via the "Preferences" dialog, but I couldn't see a logo for Quanta.

Also, a "find . -iname *quanta*" had no success. :-( Is there a chance there will be a Quanta icon in Crystal Clear? - Jan 11 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by life 63 comments

Yes, this is one great karamba theme!

One comment, though: If one wants to see his IP address shown in the according line, he has to change the path to the file "" to the correct location (i.e. in the folder where it is to be found on the users machine) in "ubermon.theme".

At least, now you get the message "Not found" - just like me... ;) - Oct 26 2004

GTK3/4 Themes
by lassekongo83

9   Aug 26 2012

Metacity Themes
by jeppester

9   Jan 23 2011

Metacity Themes
by panana

9   Jan 23 2011

Metacity Themes
by escortgoj

3   Jan 23 2011

Metacity Themes
by escortgoj

3   Jan 23 2011

Metacity Themes
by fym

3   Jan 23 2011