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Yet Another Menu Bar (Work In Progress)

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May 25 2009
i solved the user/gtk icon issue in the current release 0.1.1, as well as the issue with the maximum size of the back button (packing was the key, not size request or allocations :D)... about not hard-coding the config file - that was something i had planned to do last when the actual program was nearly finished (hence the abstraction level of add_action(...), add_submenu(...) and addfolder(...)) - May 25 2009
- download the file to your home directory
- in a terminal type:

tar -xf 104036-gnome-panel-menu.tar.gz <enter>
cd Files/gnome-panel-menu/ <enter>
./ <enter>
./gnome-panel-menu <enter>

- you have to run ./gnome-panel-menu in that directory everytime you want the program to start.
- if you want to customize the bar you have to edit the configure.c file it follows the following syntax:

add_submenu(BAR_X, "description", ICON_BLAH, BAR_N);

add_folder(BAR_X, "description", ICON_BLAH, "/path/to/folder");

add_action(BAR_X, "description", ICON_BLAH, "command &");

where BAR_X is the menu you want to add the button to and BAR_N is the submenu of the button. ICON_BLAH is the path to the icon defined above.
add_submenu adds a button which opens a submenu
add_folder adds a button which opens a file browser popup
add_action adds a button which executes an action.
after you edit config.c be sure to run ./ again.

I hope this helps you (and everyone else) with installing. If this is still confusing feel free to ask again. - May 25 2009
thanks for the tip about the icon - what im currently doing is checking if the icon path exists.

width request seems to just limit the minimum size. it says something about setting the minimum size.

another problem im facing is how to determine the absolute position of a widget on screen. - May 24 2009
Thanks for your feedback :) i'm glad you like it.

> - make use if gtk_icon_theme instead of
> hardcoding paths

good idea, the problem i am currently facing is using gtk_icon_theme without limiting the user in using a custom icon.

> - make use of a config file instead of
> hardcoding it

i've got that in my todo list (see above). one idea was using an xml config file which is my nature hierarichal - just like the menus. the other idea was using a directory with .desktop files.

> ... I would help you, if you it was in
> python :)

thanks a lot, giving feedback and suggestions is already a great help - if you have any more ideas please feel free to comment :) - May 24 2009
i've reworked the size and the layout - i hope this works better for you. - May 21 2009
Ubuntu Jaunty Glass

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by cmost
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May 04 2009
could you maybe anti-alias the edges of the ubuntu logo? they seem a bit... pixely... apart from that... cool work :) - May 03 2009
Dont Panik

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Dec 10 2007
Could it be that many people don't get the message? Some of the comments above gave that impression. Anyway, those people had better read (or watch) the hitchhikers guide =D

Cool wallpaper anyway - Oct 14 2008

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Jan 18 2008
To all who rate down: please comment WHY so that I can improve it. - Oct 14 2008
I can't believe this turns out to be on the top rated list (and rather at the top), it was only me playing with GIMP for five minutes.... - Oct 13 2008
Please let me know what you think. - Apr 07 2008

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Oct 12 2008
Firstly, thanks for your comment.
This really does explain a lot. =D.

My way of thinking about this matter is that I create the artwork mostly for myself and then upload it to see how others find it and use their feedback to help improve it.

That you don't contribute anymore due to people rating you down is sad, I wouldn't see it as a reason to stop, but hey, it's your choice.

It isn't really true that I spent days working on it, I spent at most half an hour, and I don't care if people rate me down, I would just like to know why so that I can improve.

I am always open for *constructive* criticism, and I think that just voting down for the sake of voting is useless. Therefore, guys: If you don't like this, please post why, so that I can make it so you like it :D - Oct 13 2008
To all who vote down: please comment why. - Oct 12 2008
Please feel free to give give comments. - Oct 12 2008

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by gurux
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Sep 23 2008
The Link seems to be broken. Please fix it. - Oct 12 2008
Water flame candle

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Dec 26 2007
great wallpaper, but the background is a bit speckly. Could you run a gaussian blur just over the background, please? - Aug 14 2008
Ubuntu Distorted

Wallpapers Ubuntu 1 comment

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Jun 03 2008
Please tell me what you think! - Jun 03 2008
Wobbles Winter

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May 07 2008
Yeah well, I tried that, but there was the issue of the screenshots, you can only put in three. And I didn't want to put the screenshots in one picture. - May 08 2008

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Apr 16 2008
WinDoze! - Apr 17 2008
Ubuntu Darkly Glassed

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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Apr 14 2008
Ah well, I see you don't like my perspective. But that was just what I wanted about my background. I know it's hard to read but if you know what it's supposed to mean,... Otherwise the perspective is just supposed to look cool, even if I agree that I did not achieve what I wanted.

Bout it being dark, that's what its supposed to be :-D - Apr 15 2008
Please tell me what you think. - Apr 14 2008

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Apr 09 2008
But thanks for your tip about ubuntu art, I'll upload it there too. - Apr 10 2008
Yeah, I think that the main advantage of this site is so that people can find artwork for their gnome desktop.

So why not let people use their distro's logo as their background if they want to?

If people come here and they don't find what they want - e.g. backgrounds with their distro's logo - then they're soon gonna use some other artwork site. But if you look at my first paragraph, this kinda defeats the purpose.

If you don't agree to using their distro's logo as a background, just don't. It's a free world :-), even though some companies (like one that begins with micro and ends with soft) think they need to deposit their logo everywhere. So I can understand why you might not want a logo as your background, but as I am a proud Linux user, I personally have no problem with having a logo as my background :-D. - Apr 10 2008
Ok, I fixed them. Optimised file size too. Hope you like it now. (The ubuntu logo was the wrong way around too.) - Apr 09 2008
Its cos I used rotoscoping. Hang on, I'll fix it for you. Itll be online soon. - Apr 07 2008