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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 8 comments

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Jan 18 2006
I'm not going to get into flames with you, but just to clarify:

1) dbus is not for gnome, it's thing
2) dbus is working fine in KDE without any special tweaks, tried in kubuntu
3) iswitchwin works with KDE (except some focus problems that are related to X themselves), no reason why I should not consider it an improvement for KDE, I know at least one person who uses it under KDE :) (and no, it's not me) :-) - Jan 19 2006
the main purpose of iswitchwin is to make the navigation among multiple windows easy using only the keyboard, you don't have to touch the mouse at all.

just bind iswitchwin to a hotkey and when you activate it start typing for example 'pdf' and the list shrinks to show only the windows having 'pdf' in their title, aterwards you can use Tab, Shift+Tab, Up, Down and Enter to navigate+switch to the desired window

HTH, Martin - Jan 18 2006