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Marco Dalessandri
Advanced Permissions - konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by markuzzo 29 comments

The ACL can be used only if you mount the filesystems with acl option insted of "ro" or "rw" options. So, you have to modify the /etc/fstab. After you mount the partitions with acl, you have to use the commands "setfacl" or "getfacl". The first command is used to set, modify or remove the acl entries; the second command is used to view the acl entries. Whene the acl was applied, whit the command "ls -l" you see the standard permissions with a plus "+" char wich indicate that the file or directory have an acl entry. For example:

Unfortunately I am not a good programmer and I don't know how to realize a kfile plugin for konqueror. I just realized the GUI with QT Designer.
If sombody of you is a programmer, we can try to realize somethink.
Bye Markuzzo - Mar 11 2004