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Mark Constable Gold Coast, Australia

Music Production by rncbc 4 comments

Rui, please don't forget HiDPI support for the initial dashboard. - Jul 16 2015

QtCurve by tsujan 22 comments

Github (or git) will handle binaries. If the svzg's were decompressed first and there was a shell script to "build" the repo before installation then I think it would all work just fine. The issue tracker and auto MarkDown markup for docs is worth it alone.

I went through the colors and changed all the dark ones to #2F2F2F and that is now 95% right for me. The icons are amazing! - Mar 19 2013

QtCurve by tsujan 22 comments

Many thanks for this theme and icon set. It's about 90% perfect! I had set out to create my own theme because I wasn't happy with anything I had tried so far. I can live with this one, as is, and will only have to make a few tweaks to make it 99% perfect for my needs. If you pushed it into Github I would love to help out with icons and other patches. - Mar 19 2013

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by thomas12777 27 comments

Same here, Archlinux with KDE 4.10.1

What about pushing this into Github? - Mar 15 2013

Plasma Themes by TheRob 117 comments

Great theme, love it in general, but (for me) the light colored shadow behind the also light colored text in the Task Manager is annoying. I use a background color of #3F3F3F and main foreground color of #FFFFFF so maybe the shadow is hardwired and not picking up that I have light colored text. Also the blur radius of the shadow is just not crisp enough.

Perhaps I can change the shadow setting somewhere else in the KDE system settings?

Also the lowest section of Kickoff is a light background whereas Tibanna Dark Mod gets that right so I use it's Kickoff setting. - Oct 25 2012

Plasma Color Schemes by markc 1 comment

Anyone have a suggestion how I can update the same theme to a newer version (rather than create a new upload)?

I'm using the Upload facility shown in the previous version preview. - Nov 27 2010

Utilities by karbafos 4 comments

Looks like an interesting project. Are there any updates available since Septembers v0.0.1 release?

Would you consider pushing the project to - Jan 11 2010
Do you have any plans to add H.264 to this application ? - Nov 16 2005