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margus margus , Estonia
Various Gnome Stuff
Gaim Ubins Guification Theme

Various Gnome Stuff 16 comments

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Oct 31 2006
on Ubuntu you can install rar archiver by opening terminal and typing:

sudo apt-get install rar

But I'll replace existing .rar files with .tar.gz ones anyway... - Oct 31 2006
I included a file in archive with instructions for installing.

Unpack theme into /home/youruser/.gaim/guifications/themes
(Replace youruser with your linux user name).

Now you have theme installed but you have to select it from Gaim menu. In Gaim 2 go to Buddy List and select Tools > Plugins > Guifications > Configure > Themes. - Oct 31 2006
This theme gave me original idea. I like that space between screen borders ;). - Oct 30 2006
I was thinking about making something with red for warnings and maybe a hole orange/brown theme for Ubuntu :), but the icon theme will be for blue-green version. - Oct 29 2006
Amarok: The Moon & the Wolf 1024x768

Various Artwork 1 comment

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Aug 29 2006
very nice idea and it would be perfect for AmaroK Live! - Aug 30 2006