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Marcos rivera
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Custom Gdesklets Starterbar

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by danji
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Feb 03 2006
Awesome, looks almost like kxdocker (I couldn't get it to work). Now, is there any possible way to add the main menu to it? - Jul 28 2007
Usplash BlackChrome

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Nov 06 2007
It only works when it's shutting down but not on boot up, did I do something wrong? How should I install it? - Jun 28 2007

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Jul 16 2007
Finally got it working, thx for the help. - Jun 25 2007
OK so here's a screenshot of my desktop so you see what I mean. The menu button is ok now but the minimized windows are as tall as the button and i noticed on your screenshot this doesnt happen with ur minimized firefox. - Jun 24 2007
I was running gconf as sudo, that's why it wouldn't show up. Ok so I changed it and it changes but I want it to be bigger than the panel like in Vista and your screenshot but instead it's fitted into the panel. Any ideas why? - Jun 24 2007
When I go to gconf-editor I have to go to apps-panel-default_setup-objects-menu_bar to get to where you explained on the how-to because the your path doesnt exist in my gconf, is this ok?. I changed the settings there but nothing happens. I even replaced the distributor-logo and that doesnt do anything either. Im running Ubuntu Feisty CE v3.2. Any ideas? - Jun 24 2007
Start Button Collection

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Jun 29 2007
Im unable to download it, check your link. - Jun 25 2007