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Marco Silva Manhuacu, Brazil
Gnome Screenshots
Cybertron kore

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Jul 29 2007
Hi, could you describe the customizations you have made? How do I get this effect in AWN?

- Jul 29 2007
Ubuntu OS X

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Jul 24 2007
Where did you find these nice icons? I tried google but I didn't find them.

Nice Work!

- Jul 24 2007

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Jul 11 2007
It says: Invalid format! - Jul 11 2007
My Ubuntu Start Button 2 - Orange

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Jun 01 2007
Thanks!!! DonĀ“t worry about your English, my mother language is portuguese. :D - Jun 02 2007
Thanks for your comment.

The GTK theme I am using is Vicious Orange.

The Beryl theme is orangelook-colonel with some modifications. But you can also use the emerald theme Domino, it's beautiful.

The icon theme is Snowish-1.0.

The background paper is Vista_Ultimate_1280_NL. I don't remember where I got it.

Your have to change the toolbar background also. Try to find a transparent one. I don't remember where I got this one. But I will try to find out.

The Cairo-Clock theme is this one

- Jun 02 2007