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Vista Transformation Pack for GNOME

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Oct 05 2007
Sorry, but I can't read all comments, you need wait too much time. - Oct 04 2007
Ok... you need set the panel size to 32 pixels.

- Oct 04 2007
Your Video Card isn't compatible with Beryl, you need change it or install Linux in other computer.

But, you can use this theme without use the emerald theme, and without transparency, that's is very possible.

I'm making the version "Light" for old computers. (Pentium II, III, or Celeron) - Sep 08 2007
All the people would like to have Windows Vista by its appearance, but it is a system very unstable, and expensive, reason why with this pack I facilitate the task of having its appearance by a gratuitous price. - Aug 07 2007
Yes, but the first screenshoot is of the version 0.5, it haven't the complete panel.

And the second screenshoot is of the version 0.8, with the new panel.

You need use the file Vista-Panel.png for the menu. - Jul 27 2007
The new version has now avalible for the public.
I haven't problems with this version, because I only change some files. - Jul 27 2007
Yes... Windows Sucks, but Linux with a theme of Windows NO!

Proximamente Vista Transformation Pack GNOME Modificado totalmente, para mayor visiĆ³n de vista, sin tener que hacer tanto... If you want read this, Translate this with GOOGLE! - Jul 27 2007
by Whise
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Sep 03 2008
Can I include this in Vista Transformation Pack for GNOME 1.5? - Aug 07 2007
5 ubuntu menu-icons

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Jul 27 2007
I request permission to add this theme to Vista Transformation for Pack GNOME ( - Jul 27 2007