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Plasma Themes by Grely 10 comments

xDD. ¡Absolutely!
Actually I put my face closer to the screen because I thought I had read badly and it had to be some Q instead two Oes. But no... The guy has clearly named it «orto», xD - Mar 10 2013

Utilities by csgib 344 comments

I was talking about supposed linguistic "standards" in human communication (English is the "standard" for communication on the planet? A de facto one, no doubt, but a real standard? who has decided such thing? If the criterium for standards is military or economical power then I guess Windows should be the "standard" OS everyone on earth should use, DOC the "standard" for documents, etc).

Regarding to software standards I don't think you will find any more standard-compliant software than the written for Linux or other open source OSes.

And of course if you don't find what you need for authoring your DVDs, go try some private application and even do constructive criticism to this one, but don't be rude to a person who is offering a program done the best he has been able for free, because you "can't stand" his language. - Apr 02 2009

Utilities by csgib 344 comments

I haven't tested it but I'd just make a criticism: the play bottons seems too "Windows-esque"; also, screenshots seem to be from the QT 3 version, right? Can we see some in QT 4?

Oh, and being myself a latin with an decent cultural level, and even if I can't understand almost any spoken French, I can read it, and sometimes better than English. Most of us, simple users, understand that writing software is a source of headaches; so keep writing software in your language and don't bother nor lose that time you generously are spending for free, and patience with accessory issues; someone else will translate, sure.
Isn't FOSS philosophy about freedom, respect, and not accepting imposed "standards"? ;)

Salut. - Apr 02 2009

System Software by drf 79 comments

Basically because of lack of culture.
Not much time ago technical names were taken from Greek and Latin words (audiovisual, telephone, cybernetic, microscope, etc, etc); that was the scientific way. Since scientists and technicians don't study rudiments of classic languages applied to their disciplines, and since people don't read real literature, their classical culture sucks and can't create neologisms which make sense and are easily translatable, therefore we have arbitrary names and definitions which are just understood for their inventors.
But don't dare to say anything against this, they will stone you to death, XD. - Feb 02 2009

System Software by drf 79 comments

Sorry to correct you, but "daemon", "demon", "daimon", whatever you want to transcript "δαιμόν" (daimón) is indeed related to religion/superstition: a deity.
Interestingly it's etymologically related to democracy, and epidemic.

A different matter is its use in computer-related world, of course even those who don't know a word of programming know that it isn't that the forces of Evil Darkness have taken over our computers, XD. - Feb 02 2009

Audio Apps by wbsoft 75 comments

Any Debian (ish) packages for those ignorant musicians who barely can use a computer?

Thanks for this nice app, :). - Jan 24 2009

Plasma Themes
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Plasma Themes
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