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Apr 25 2013

I really like this feature, but for some apps, it does not quite work. For example, drawing in krita will make you move the window if enabled. It would be great if this could be disabled for some windows (just like transparency) or limited to the head of the window (toolbar).

Malle - Jun 15 2010
Yeah, I noticed that but you were first ;) thanks again for the fix. - Jun 04 2010

I just discovered that this does not completely work. It does work, if you don't "jump" between folders.
If you just extend the folders in the tree (K3b) without clicking on them and then click on a folder that lies more than 1 level under the previously activated one, all folders between stay black.
so if you just had /home/user/ activated and then directly go to /home/user/folder1/subfolder1, then the "folder1" text would remain black, while the rest is white. I hope I explained myself sufficiently.

Malle - Jun 01 2010
This should not be black and blue on dark gray in order to be well-readable:
The program is k3b-1.91.0_rc2

thanks in advance - May 04 2010
Wow, thank you for the quick fix. And keep up the great work! - Apr 28 2010
Almost forgot the preset... here it is: - Apr 28 2010
this is what I meant. - Apr 28 2010

I tried out the combined head in black, which looks pretty awesome. But there's one thing: Comboboxes (I think they are KComboBoxes) in the head get a black background, too and their text also remains black which makes it invisible. Try okular, for example.

Malle - Apr 20 2010
I actually hadn't yet discoveres the custom style settings. But they don't offer what I really want. I'd like the decorations of windows that don't provide style hints, to look exactly like the windows that do, just with a suitable colour. Is that possible? - Oct 27 2009
Would it be possible to define custom style hints for apps that are not qt-based (and thus, do not provide style hints to the WM? I imagine to be able to write a script that obtains some colour information (for, say, wine) and provides style hints to the bespin window decoration. Or maybe some explicitely defined style hints in a config file. - Oct 26 2009
No worries because of the unwanted side-effects, it's still testing - But thank you for the great transparency feature! it looks great. Unfortunately, I can't use it properly on my laptop because I'm using experimental AIGLX using the free radeon driver. My 3D speed is not even enough to play Warcraft III with more than 800x600 - Sep 04 2009
I updated bespin to the latest svn today.
Now, frames inside the windows are darker than the normal background, frames within these frames are even darker. Can I change this behaviour, so that the frames don't get too dark? If not, can I turn it off? It's a nice idea, but I find the frames too dark. - Aug 28 2009
I know this was shortly discussed a few pages before, but...:
I am now using bespin for some months, mainly because i find the xbar nice, but I also like the style a lot. The only thing I can't get used to is the tab style. I just don't find it attractive. Would it be hard to make the common tab look optional?
You might be right, saying the common tabs are not natural, but why should they? I just find their apperance clearer than your approach. - Aug 10 2009
This does unfortunately not work for me, in none of my plain qt apps (also not in designer). Oxgen does it's job fine tough, but I assume it uses the linking against kde code you mentioned? - Jun 12 2009

Audio Extractors/Converters 606 comments

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Oct 01 2017
That would be great :) - May 27 2010
That's what I had in mind :)
Another great thing would also be to use naming by metadata only if metadata is available. Today I encoded some files and ended up with Title.ogg,, etc.. I don't know how complex this is, but would it somehow be possible to use file names and parent directories as variables or warn in case of any used but missing metadata and offer alternative options? - May 27 2010

first of all, thanks for your work. Since beta1, I enjoy using SoundKonverter.

There's just one problem. I am naming by Tags, to have a unified naming scheme. I have my musik sorted according to the following scheme:
Artist/Album/Nr - Title.ogg
But when there is an album with more than one disc, I want it sorted like this:
Artist/Album/CDcdNr/Nr - Title.ogg
If there's only one disc, usually there's no disc number included in the tag information. Could this somehow be used to implement something like this? That would be really great.

Another nice addition would be kio-support to be able to convert directly from the network via smb or ftp without temporarily storing the contents on the HDD. - May 25 2010
The alpha2 version of soundkonverter does not port tags when converting from flac to ogg. I haven't tried any other formats yet. This the only reason I still need soundconverter around, which pulls in 32 additional dependencies. I hope you get this fixed soon. Thank you! - Mar 07 2010