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Franklin Kramer
Red Humanity

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 24 2009
nice theme! I'm pretty picky, but this one works perfectly. How about a name that's something like, "Deep Sunset"? The fact that the colors are pretty dark and the deep red kind of remind me of a sunset when it's getting dark. - Jul 11 2009
Earth - Moon Skydome

Compiz Themes 3 comments

by ladri
Score 50.0%
Aug 10 2008
thanks, I really like it! - Sep 29 2008
Oxygen-Refit 2 - Red Version

Full Icon Themes 12 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 16 2008
But I got an error when I tried to dl them from your link. - Jul 09 2008
Pink Mac OS-X Aero

Compiz Themes 23 comments

by KorYi
Score 50.0%
Jul 08 2008
I like it! Something different. Any suggestions for a gtk theme to go along with it? - Jul 08 2008
Simplistically Natural

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Jul 07 2008
I like it! Much different from a lot of the other stuff out. - Jul 07 2008
All Day Long (Animated Wallpaper)

Wallpaper Other 142 comments

by edren
Score 68.0%
May 24 2012
I think this is totally awesome, but you might want to make it clear in your description (for all us non-tech people) that to make it a background you have to manually drag the xml file in because if you click on "Add" you can only select pictures. Someone mentioned it in the comments too, but it can't hurt to put it up front.

Again, I really love the wallpaper though! - Jul 03 2008

Compiz Themes 27 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 13 2008
you might want to tell people how to set different backgrounds for different workspaces... I actually remembered but now I forgot. You have to disable nautilus for drawing the desktop, don't you? It might be different now compared to when I tried it before. - Jul 01 2008

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 16 2008
I like it as well; keep up the good work! - Jun 21 2008
Space Skydome

Beryl/Emerald Themes 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 10 2007
exactly what I was looking for and works great! - Jun 20 2008
Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

Conky 73 comments

by Whise
Score 63.3%
May 20 2008
yeah, I actually have the same problem, even with the workaround checked. It's a real shame, as I really love the wallpaper clocks! - May 29 2008

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

Score 50.0%
May 11 2008
very nice! I was looking for a blue theme like this to go with my bg, and it works really well! - May 25 2008
Red Humanity

GTK2 Themes
by bababoss

Score 50.0%
Jul 09 2009