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Lukas Gianinazzi , Switzerland
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Sep 11 2009
As far as I know the theme is not responsible for doing the alignment of text and other widgets. Try to resize the plasmoid and let it re-render.
I hope this will fix your problem, if not, tell me and I will investigate further. - Aug 23 2008
Thank you very much!

I think the system tray should look better with Silicon 1.1 (I hope this gets included in the final release of KDE 4.1).

But it seems there is still a bug (I think in the nvidia Drivers) which prevents the icons from using transparency.

Does anyone know if this is going to be fixed soon? - Jul 18 2008

Plasma Themes 17 comments

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Jan 06 2009
I hope 0.31 fixes the issues you mentioned.
Thank you very much for pointing at those issues.
Just tell if its still broken. - Mar 20 2008
Just uploaded a new version, thank you for your advice, this is obviously my first theme and i had no idea how to pack it up. - Mar 19 2008
New Screenshots are up with the new heron 0.2 release. It also adds a new clock with a look similar to the other plasmoids.

I think this should fix some issues.

Thank you very much for your feedback. - Mar 13 2008