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fernandez rafael
How about a Gentoo ebuild? I've no time now. I love linspire clear, but since I retired it from my portage overlay, I lost access to it, because I cannot find anywhere the ebuild (I could write one but as I said, I have no time).

Thx. - Feb 10 2006
What theme do you mean as "default theme" ??

If you mean as "default theme" something really ugly, maybe you haven't got installed clearlooks engine. - Nov 29 2005
Thx !! ;) - Nov 28 2005
Good one !! Pretty !!

Keep up the good work !! - Nov 10 2005
Where do babies come from ?

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thanks for your comments !!!

i'm just doing the one that you requested !! - Oct 31 2005
GNU's Not Usable

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You fucking idiot...

Go and keep using your Windows system. - Dec 18 2004