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mads rosendahl Aalborg, Denmark
New System Sounds - Two sets

System Sounds by madsrh123 14 comments

Hi amr2205
The UPDATED!!! is working and it's the newest version, I'll remove the others. Thanks for mentioning it. - Sep 15 2008
Hardy Heron 2

Wallpaper Other by quidpro 3 comments

This is great, perfect for 8.04 wallpaper. It's a heron bird, witch makes sense (rather than random abstract art), and it is made up with the traditional Ubuntu colors (keeping the Ubuntu style - nice). I think I would remove the gray Ubuntu logo, but still great work! - Feb 24 2008
Werelion GDM

GDM Themes by dernalis 7 comments

Looks good ;-) - Feb 19 2008