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Mads Dydensborg

Video Apps by jbm 77 comments

Please send the log file to me (I am the author) - the mail address is in the about box of the Wizard.


Mads - Nov 17 2008

Video Apps by jbm 77 comments

That looks really weird. kdenlive_start should never report "Way to run = " and not indicate how it is running the app...

Can you reproduce this? If you can, could you please try and edit kdenlive_start, add "set -x" after the first line (that is, as the second line), then run it, and send the output to me?

Could you also please try to update to the newest wizard (if you haven't already), and try a run, where you set source dir and install dir both to /tmp and then give a go again?

Finally, do you have the package "gdb" installed? If not, could you try and install it, and select to run kdenlive in a gdb session, and then, if it crashed, submit the log file to ?

Thanks, I would appreciate that. - Oct 25 2008